A Fantastic Experience in a Debating

Have you ever taken part in a debating competition? Or have you ever feel the excitement and the anxiety in the front of thousands of people? I do. I did not only take part in an inter-province debating competition but also opened my eyes through it. What’s more, I even enjoyed the whole delight it brought to me, making me get more interesting in debating.

I can vividly remember that when we got the news for the first time that we were invited to attend a debate between two provinces, we even could not believe our ears. However, it was a real. What we need to do was to prepare for it as well as possible. Unfortunately, the organizer offered us nothing about the debating contest, thus we did not where to begin. However, our professor was professional in debating and he guessed some topics for us. Most of the topics were about the current affairs such as the global warming, protecting environment and some other ones.

Think before leap. We got 3 team members in all to join the activity and another 3 as substitutes. Then we began our group living. We ate and slept together to practice the topics day and night. We imagined all kind of situations and tried to handle them. We did not stop until our professor knocked his head, indicating that our practice passed. And then we had to learn them by heart. That was a tough period. However, we made it through.

Image made up a large proportion during the contest. We were supposed to wear proper dress during and after the debating. Thus clothing problem became urgent for us. It was easy to choose the clothes for the debating in that we could wear the uniform. What worried us was what we should wear after the party because we would go to an elegant party. All of us had never taken part in such kind of gathering. At last, one of my friends said that we should wear dress. We went to various shopping mall, but we took nothing back because their dress were either improper or too expensive. Finally, we decided to have a try from the online store. Each of us customized a celebrity dress from a store. Then we had everything prepared.

We were very exciting and nervous at the very day. To our surprised, all the topics that we prepared were irrelevant. The showed us a new topic about the future world, which I happened read something about. We felt that period was very short from beginning to the end. However, we got the second place when the result was announced. We felt it was ok.

Then we went to the party. We drank the wine that we had never tasted and ate various dishes and dessert that we had never seen before. We felt like princesses by wearing our clebrity dress, which was really amazing and awesome. Afterwards, a host spoke to us that an important person would give us a speech. To our surprised, it was the mayor who congratulated to all of us and hoped we could take part in as many as such kind of activity, letting the world people know what we were doing for the earth.

At that moment, I knew the real meaning of that debating. We were supposed to promote our devotion to the world from the perspective of world, hoping it would gain more attention. I was really proud of what I did at that moment.

I did hope I could attend more such kind of activity in the future. Not only because do I enjoy the joy the debating could bring to me but also because I could do something for both my country and the world.