A Fast Way To Make a Website

Many aspiring website creators are hindered from making their creation because of some difficulties. Such tasks can be overwhelming in theory, but only if you make it. This guide eliminates these hindrances for it will show you an easy way how to make a website.

There are three main components in creating a website:

The domain name,
The web hosting, and
The HTML editor which is the tool that you will spend the most time with as it is used to create the appearance of the website.

For those who are using comprehensive web creation program, such as SBI, this discussion is no applicable. This program already provides all three components.

This information is for you if you want:

o To know how to make a website by piecing the three main components of website development.

o If you are considering a comprehensive solution to web building that provides you with both a web host and HTML editor.

This information is useful when you decide to use an independent, more advanced HTML editor like Dreamweaver to create your WebPages.

Make sure that you have registered your domain and signed up with a web host before moving forward.

How to Make a Website


First of all, you have to use a webpage template and modify it to mold it into what you want it to look like.

The template you purchase must come with “include files”.  Include files will allow you to carry over changes you make to your website design to all the pages on your website. This will help you expand your website and continue to add quality content.

Buy a web design template of your choice from CoffeeCup. Once you have your template, follow the steps below and you will be online immediately:

Get yourself an HTML editor (CoffeeCup or Dreamweaver) and download it
Open up the index.html file which is within the template package that you purchased
Start making edits to the template once it opens in your HTML editor

With your website template, you will be able to customize pretty much anything.  By using SBI as your web host, you can automatically search for optimized program and brainstormed tools. You can directly upload your template and any other WebPage to SBI.

How To Make Website Banners & Images

Highly recommended for image editing is Photoshop.  You might want to experiment first with MS Paint which is a free solution and comes with the Microsoft suite. This program must be found in the Windows on your computer. Look under Start –> All Programs –> Accessories –> Paint.

MS Paint has limited function so it is better to substitute for Photoshop once you are more experienced and comfortable in editing. It maybe more expensive but you investment will be worth it in the long run.


After answering the question of how to make a website; you will be able to create your own website and get online within just a few minutes by following the few simple steps in this discussion. At the onset, use a free or low cost template like CoffeeCup as you are gaining some experience and comfort with web development by making edits.

Once you acquire some experience and become more comfortable with website design, you will then buy Dreamweaver. The price you pay is worth it since this program is the industry leading HTML editor. The best part is that it is intuitive and self explanatory to use.

As an alternative, you can also consider using a comprehensive program like SBI, which will teach you how to make a website using a step-by-step action guide. This program is available in text and video formats. SBI provides you with the domain of your choice, web hosting and HTML editor. You pay a one time fee and can get started immediately.

The best feature about SBI is that the various tools that come with the program; the automated search optimization function itself is worth more than what you pay for the entire SBI suite.