A Few Games To Play At Baby Showers

Whether your baby shower will be attended by older children or by mothers and their babies, it will be good to have a few games prepared for them to play giving life to the moments in any party when guests begin to drift apart into their own corners. Games are guaranteed to keep the party going and the guests enjoying each other’s company.

There are different kinds of games for baby showers. Some games are meant to be played by children while others are intended for the moms and dads who are attending the party. The game themes are, of course, related to the subject of babies.

Games about animal names

Most games for baby showers involve answering a question or matching one question with the correct answer out of a list of answers. There are also multiple choice games which can be enjoyable equally for children as for adults. The most entertaining and informative answering games involve giving the right name for a mother animal or a baby animal. For instance you might be asked to match ‘chick’ with its mother’s name.

Games about fruits and baby food

There are games which ask you to supply two or three names of fruits for each letter of the new baby’s name. Likewise, you might want to play a game wherein the players race to write down as many names for baby food as he can think about

Help The Parents Out With Choosing The Baby’s Name

There are also games for baby showers which are designed to come up with as many baby names as possible for the new baby. This may take the form of a competition in which the players are to write down two baby names for each letter of the alphabet. There are many variations to this type of game. It can be played like a flash card game wherein the first player who shouts out loud a name beginning with the letter displayed on the flash card wins one round.

Intellectual games

Completing nursery rhymes is an amusing game for baby showers. Games that ask questions concerning baby facts are entertaining and informative at the same time.

Guessing games

One popular game for baby showers is guessing what your opponent has in her bag or in his trousers. The game is played between two contestants both of whom need bags to be eligible. Each contestant takes her turn with a guess. Each time a player makes the right guess she is awarded a point. You can make this game very exciting by adding a few details to it, such as penalizing a player every time she misses on her guess.

Make Your Own Games Up

There are outfits on the internet who specialize in designing these games and their playing interfaces. If you happen to have a great idea for a game, you could visit one of those sites and inquire if they can customize the design of the interface for your game idea.

However, making games for baby showers may also be a DIY project. All you need is a good colored printer and some strong paper.
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