A Few Of The Perfect 100 Calorie Meals That You Should Investigate

Snacking is one fantastic way to make certain that you don’t have to deal with low blood sugar. It’s also a smart way to do what many nutrition specialists encourage, that is to eat 5-6 small meals every day. On the other hand, if you’re not cautious, snacking can put you above your usual calorie intake resulting in gaining weight. Listed below are 10 healthy snack ideas that are less than 100 calories each:

#1 Nuts. Almonds are a great way to obtain fiber and protein that means your blood sugar levels will remain even. This further means you’ll stay full for a good long period of time. A couple of almonds or pistachios, roughly 12-15, is approximately 100 calories. Doesn’t seem to be much but you’ll feel content after nibbling on them.

#2 Hard boiled egg. Hard boiled eggs can be prepared well in advance and they’re relatively easy to conserve. On top of that, each egg is full of protein and they’re low in fat and calories. A single hard boiled egg consists of around 78 calories.

#3 Hummus together with veggies or pita bread. Hummus is a dip that is made from chick peas and tahini or sesame paste. It’s mouth watering, rich in protein and fiber and definitely filling. Two tablespoons and a wedge of pita bread consist of around 100 calories. For a bit more fiber and a helping of veggies make use of carrot sticks or celery as an alternative to pita bread.

#4 Desiring chocolate? Get your hands on a low fat pudding cup. The protein in the dairy will allow you to stabilize your blood sugar and the chocolate will…well you are aware of what the chocolate does. It relaxes the soul.

#5 Popcorn. Three cups of air popped popcorn comes down to around 90 calories. That’s devoid of butter. Popcorn doesn’t actually provide much nutrients but it doesn’t quite frankly have any bad effects either.

#6 Tortilla chips. You can chew on more or less 15 bite sized tortilla chips and obtain some calories to spare. Ten chips consist of about 55 calories. Leaves space for a tablespoon of salsa.

#7 Blueberries. Blueberries pack a punch in terms of antioxidants. And you can devour an entire cup of them and only take in 75 calories.

#8 Not a blueberry fan? Munch on a banana. A small to medium banana offers about 100 calories.

#9 Fancy watermelon? You can have a half a medium watermelon and just consume 50 calories.

#10 Still trying to find something sugary and crunchy? Kellogg’s Chocolately Drizzle Special K Bar has just 90 calories. It additionally has only 1.5 fat grams and 1 gram of saturated fat and is available in quite a few flavors which include: strawberry, blueberry, honey nut, vanilla crisp, and peaches as well as berries.

Snack time is simple when you’re prepared with low fat snacks. Although non-processed foods are always sought after, there are some relatively healthy, low calorie processed alternatives available. Keep yourself prepared and you won’t have to stay hungry; best of all you’ll lose weight and stay fit with these healthy snack ideas.
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