A Few Reasons to Buy a Booster Seat

Road Safety laws prevailing in many states recommend booster seats for kids below one year and weighs over 20 pounds. The booster seats are elevated seats that are strapped to the rear seats with safety belts.

Ideally a booster seat should have padded headrest and the height adjustment feature expands the seat as the child grows. The armrests and the cup holders are some of the other useful features that come with a booster seater. The kids can be left at the booster sets with toys while you can concentrate in the drive and is a very useful accessory for working parents and regular commuters.

There are many models of booster seats with diverse features like folding chairs and rotating arm rests and cup holders among others. When your child outgrows the harness seats, the no backless booster seats can be used. Technically, no child under the age of thirteen should be in the front seat considering the risks of the airbags. So, it is better to choose any model that can be scaled up to meet the growing needs of your child.

Taking a stroll with the kids is an enjoyable experience for all parents. Fix a jump seat that adds a small extra set to your stroller and carry the toddler and the baby together on a stroll. This great option that allows you to take both the kids on your single stroller is a huge hit. The jump seat can be easily attached to the front of your stroller where a toddler can ride along on the same stroller. Complete with a 5 point harness and an optional jump seat canopy, this is a cost effective way to customize your stroller to make way for your expanding family.

Now that the kids have worked up their appetite, it is time to feed them. Make the feeding times of your kid as enjoyable as his car ride with beanstalk booster seats with adjustable frame heights. Portable and easy to clean, these chairs have a safety harness to keep the baby is place as you feed him. Ideal for babies from 6-24 months, these chairs can also be used to keep the toddlers safely while you are attending the house hold chores.