A-Frame Chicken Coops – Economic Way To Protect Chickens

A-frame chicken coops are simply that, a structure in the shape of an ‘A’. It is also called a chicken tractor, which basically means a coop you can move around. This is usually built with a wooden frame and covered with a strong wire mesh.

An added bonus to being able to move the coop around is that rather than having to clean the coop out the chicken waste is left and effectively fertilizes the ground, so all in all it not only saves you space but also money too, not to mention the fresh eggs and/or meat you will get from your chickens.

Chickens can fall prey to foxes, rats and other predators, this is why it is important to put a wire mesh on the bottom of the coop to prevent the predators from burrowing underneath and gaining access to your poultry.

A lot of people choose the A-frame coop because of it’s many benefits to novice and experienced chicken keepers alike. They provide adequate space for the chickens to move around as well as protecting them from predators. As well as this owners can access them and if desired, children so that eggs can be collected and the chickens can be let out to run around, look for food or play.

The overall cost of purchasing or constructing an A-frame coop is low. Also, the poultry can be moved as required which is useful in very hot weather so that they can be put under a tree for shade.

The wire mesh floor allows the chickens access to grass and insects that they enjoy eating. The chickens can then seek out their own food as a supplement to the food you provide for them.

One main reason for the popularity of the A-frame coops is the low cost whether buying or making your own, and the ease of maintenance. In order to keep the supply of grass and insects high the coop should be relocated often.

To meet the needs of all chicken keepers the A-frame coop is available in many different styles and sizes. The coop you choose to buy or build will depend on availability of space as well as the amount of chicken you want to keep in the coop and of course if you are to move the coop alone you would be better off with many smaller ones than one large coop.
Sabung Ayam
Jessica Simpson and her fish or chicken tuna

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