A Guide to a Proper Diet for Gout

The truth is that a proper diet for gout has basic and simple guidelines to follow. However, some people especially gout patients find these guidelines seem too difficult because of inconvenience. Some people find change unnecessary and reject it. Yet this article will provide a few basic reminders that could help.

If you are determined to start your diet for gout, remember the following things: Say No to Alcohol, Say Yes to Water, and Moderate Your Coffee Intake.

Say No to Alcohol
If you want to your treatment (or prevention) efforts to work, then try to avoid alcohol as much as possible or completely. Alcohol, if you are not aware of it yet, has diuretic effects that contribute to dehydration and trigger gout attacks. Alcohol can also cause hyperuricemia through its effects on uric acid metabolism. Hyperuricemia is the first stage of gout. Furthermore, alcohol causes dehydration, yet again another condition that can trigger gout attacks. If you don’t want gout or gout attacks, then it’s simple: avoid alcohol!

Say Yes to Water
Unlike alcohol, water can help you keep hydrated. What is even better is that water helps your body in flushing out uric acid and in diluting uric acid in the blood and urine. Keeping yourself hydrated can help you avoid gout attacks, so don’t forget to always refill your jug with water and take at least eight glasses per day so you can avoid risks. (Read more about diet for gout sufferers)

Moderate Your Coffee Intake
When taken moderately, coffee has been associated with a lower risk of developing gout, which makes it possible for you to take coffee. Coffee can actually reduce blood uric acid levels. One to three cups a day reduces the risk of developing gout by 8%. However, if you already have gout, irregular coffee consumption or large amounts of consumption could trigger an attack, so be careful.

Always remember these three things that can guide your diet for gout – Say No to Alcohol, Say Yes to Water, and Moderate Your Coffee Intake.

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