A Guide To Buying A New Bed

It is a well known fact that most of us spend a good proportion of our lives in bed. If you sleep for 8 hours a day, that equates to 33% of your whole day, sleeping! For this reason alone, it is sensible to make sure that when you are looking to buy a new bed, you choose wisely. There are many factors to think about when purchasing a new bed. This article is aimed at giving you the required information with which to make the perfect decision.

The first and possibly most important decision must be the budget that you are going to set aside to purchase your new bed. Although sometimes in life it is good to search for the cheapest bargain, when you are looking to purchase a new bed this is the last thing you want to do as you certainly get what you pay for. Do not forget to factor in a percentage of the budget to go towards a good quality mattress also.

The next step is to determine the size and style of bed you want. In smaller rooms, and if you sleep alone, a single bed is the best option as it enables you to save space and you can obtain a better quality bed for your money. On the other hand, if you have space available then you need to decide between a single, double, queen, king or even super king (sometimes known as California king) sized bed.

After a budget has been decided on, and you know the size you need; you must now decide on a style of bed and the type of mattress that you want. As there are so many different styles on the market, you really need to take some time to research your options on the internet, then go to a few shops to see the products in the flesh.

Deciding on a mattresses can be a difficult process as you are constantly weighing up comfort with you budget. Ultimately, though, comfort should win through as that is what is going to get you to sleep every night, although some might argue that point! Depending on your funds and inclination, mattresses can be purchased with or without springs.

If you have decided on a mattress that contains springs, and you have a decent budget put aside, then you should look at getting a pocket sprung mattress; which are extremely soft as they use very small springs, but also quite expensive. On the other hand, if funds are an issue, then the most popular and cheapest option is the open coil mattress which incorporates large springs in its construction.

Alternatively to sprung mattresses, you could purchase a mattress without springs such as a floatation mattress, a futon or a foam mattress. A floatation mattress would be perfectly suitable for particularly sensitive sufferers of dust allergies as they are essentially just a balloon filled with liquid. A futon is an Asian style bed that can be quite firm and well supporting, but also foldable and easily stored away.

Recent developments in foam mattresses have led to a popularity boost as you can now buy visco-elastic mattresses, or memory foam mattresses that react to your body temperature and moulds to the shape of your body as you sleep, inevitably providing excellent support.