A Guide to Buying a New Laptop

Leaving that question aside, however, there are still several things to consider. Even with all the advances, buying a laptop is still a matter of tradeoffs.

The second greatest tradeoff is of course weight. While the twenty pound card table laptop is many years behind us, carrying a laptop around all day, and all over creation, can get hard on the back. How mobile do you want to be? How much weight are you prepared to carry? An extremely lightweight laptop really limits your accessory options, but can be a godsend in other ways.

Similar to weight, size is mainly an issue of comfort and mobility. The bigger the laptop, the more space you need to set up, the bigger a bag you’ll have bouncing along with you, the more accessories and additional hardware you can fit. And, the bigger screen.

Screen Size
Screen size is probably the biggest determiner of laptop size. If, for reasons of vision problems, gaming addictions, or any other reason you need a large screen, well there isn’t much anyone can do about it. If on the other hand, you are comfortable with a small screen (and accompanying small graphics, fewer words per screen, and webpage scroll bars) then your options open up a great deal.

DVD-ROM, flash drive, extra disk drives, touch sensitive screen, external laptop battery and all the other fun extras that you can get may be what you want of need in a laptop. The trade off here is both weight, and price. These extras all weigh something, and can cost quite a bit. Compare your budget with your wish list and trip where needed.

Memory, RAM and Other Stuff
What do you plan to do with your laptop? What programs you’re going to be running determine how much memory you’ll need. They also have a great deal to do with what type of video and sound card you want to look into. If you don’t plan on doing anything more then word processing and making spreadsheets, you can keep extras to a minimum. On the other hand, if you love to game, you’ve going to want to max out your memory, and everything else.

The greatest trade off is price. A laptop can run up to several thousand dollars. The more extras you get, the higher the price gets. I strongly suggest you set your budget before you start shopping. That way you know your limits before you start looking at options.

In Conclusion
If you’re ready to start checking out laptops, there are quite a few things you need to consider. Take this information as a starting point to get you going, and start exploring your options.