A Guide To Chicken Coop Programs

The web is an incredible resource for obtaining hen house plans of every size and designs. The trouble is that it’s hard to tell if you are downloading the precise plans you need for your own project. This article gives you tips about building a hen house, and shows you whereabout to find the best down-loadable chicken coop plans.

How Many Chickens Are You Keeping?

The first question is “how many?” Think about this hard because chances are your flock will grow quite fast. The majority will think about a pretty tiny number, but will end up with 5 to 10 more inside a year!

Once Size does not Fit All!

This is also important. The healthiest chickens will have at least 3 feet of space each when walking around the coop. Ensure that you choose hen house plans that show you ways to a build nice, big coop. There are 3 main sizes:

Small / Conveyable – This is your basic a-frame chicken coop; probably the easiest to build yourself.

Medium – Rather a lot larger than the frame and nowhere near as movable; superb for bigger flocks that needs a giant nesting area.

Standard Hen House – This is the premium house for your hens! If you’ve got a bit of free time, building one of those will be highly fulfilling, and will supply plenty of space for as many hens as you like. It also looks incredible!

Naturally, there are several more designs and sizes to select from; nevertheless it really is dependent upon your personal preference, and whether or not you’re prepared to put in some additional elbow grease.

Another great thing…

Another great thing about these plans is that it also contains a so called “shopping list”. This indicates that it will tell you exactly what you need so as to build a house for your hen. This saves you literally 100’s of dollars. So it’s great to have… Right

Hen house plans are also really useful for your hens

We both know that building a place for your hen is the most vital thing that your hen needs. These plans that you are about to see, will give you the power to make the best, and I actually mean “Da Best” hen coop for your hen; these coops will help your hen to maintain their healthfulness and to guard it from dangerous predators.
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