A Guide to Making Perfect Chicken Cordon Bleu

Chicken cordon bleu is not a difficult dish to make. In fact, it is quite simple if you have a good recipe to follow. If you enjoy stuffed poultry dishes, you will really like this one. This recipe is centuries older than the Cordon Bleu cooking school, which is in France.

Nobody knows for sure whether this recipe originated in France or if it was invented by North American chefs attempting to imitate a stuffed meat recipe in the European style.

How Did Cordon Bleu Get its Name?

“Cordon bleu” actually translates to mean blue ribbon or blue band. The history of cordon bleu tells us that King Henry III started an order of knights, whose duty it was to fight for Catholicism.

The knights wore a Maltese cross around their neck, hung on a blue ribbon. Later on, they would gather for big gourmet feasts cooked by the top chefs at the time and this is how blue ribbons became associated with excellent food.

How to Make Chicken Cordon Bleu

This dish is normally made by wrapping the meat around a cheese and ham filling and it normally has a breadcrumb crust. To make this recipe in a very simple way, you can layer the ham and cheese over the meat and bake it.

Another preparation method, if you want to know how to cook chicken cordon bleu, is to cut the meat open by making a hole, push the cheese inside it and wrap the ham around the outside. Finally wrap it in breadcrumbs and cook it. However, the most common and authentic way of making this dish is to butterfly the bird, pound it flat, then wrap the ham and cheese inside. Dip it in breadcrumbs and fry, bake, or grill it.

Classic cordon bleu has a Swiss cheese and ham filling. You can use Gruyere, Provolone or even mozzarella cheese. The ham can be prosciutto, cured ham, or bacon. Feel free to add some spinach or fresh basil leaves too, for some extra color and flavor and perhaps a chopped sun dried tomato or two.

The chicken should be pounded to a quarter inch thickness for the best results and you might like to sprinkle some salt and pepper on it before adding the filling. Roll it up and secure it with toothpicks. To get the breadcrumbs to stick to the meat, you should mix them with a beaten egg and roll the meat through this mixture.

How to Serve Chicken Cordon Bleu

This dish goes well with a mustard sauce or a creamy sauce or you could just serve it by itself.

Potatoes are a good accompaniment or you could try a rice pilaf or saffron rice on the side. Most vegetables are great with this easy recipe. Cordon bleu is especially good for a dinner party because it looks delicious, tastes wonderful, and is simple to prepare. You will wonder why you have not tried it before once you have made it and find out just how easy it is and how much your family loves it.
Sabung Ayam
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