A Holistic Analysis: Can Positive Thinking Get My Boyfriend Back?

Can positive thinking get my boyfriend back? A lot has been said about how our thinking process can influence our actions and situations that we are into. It follows the “I think therefore, I am” model. This idea is not wrong. It can be done. The question is, how? How can you psych yourself to think positively? How can you make your positive thinking work for you? People would always tell you to think positively and things will turn out just fine. It is easy to say. Nevertheless, negativity seems to overpower this idea. Why? Because the situation would not change the moment we snap our finger at the same time that we condition ourselves to think positively. For example, you see your boyfriend flirting with some chick from across the room, you know you have to be positive about it and tell him he has good taste for girls. This will give your boyfriend the wrong signal. He will think that it is okay with you seeing him flirting with girls other than you. You will condition him to that idea. Talk about positive thinking becoming detrimental to your relationship. So you see, you cannot control the situation. It takes more than positive thinking to prevent you from experiencing situations that would affect your relationship. Positivity is not about thinking the thinking process alone. Don’t get that wrong idea.

How can positive thinking get my boyfriend back will no longer be the question you are asking yourself if you follow the principle of totality, which believes that you and your actions are one. It follows a holistic approach that if you achieve that ultimate goal you become a positive person.


In any mathematical equation, when you put two positives together, you get something positive.

Positivity is like making all the cells in your body charged up!

This is difficult to do because your mind needs to be conditioned or set in a positive mode. If any negativity is present that achieving this is very unlikely.

Say you are having problems with your boyfriend, choose a positive motivating factor. Why do you want to think positively? So he would say and not look at other girls? Or because you just can’t live without him? That is not positive thinking. Turn it to something like, I want my boyfriend because we are good together and we bring out the best in each other.

That would be a good start. If you are able to turn this positive thinking into action, then your boyfriend would not need to justify why he is with you because he knows that you are just perfect for him.

Positivity is not just when your relationship is on the rocks. Embrace it and live it. It will be good for you.

Can positive thinking get my boyfriend back? No. Can positive living get my boyfriend back? No. Why? Your boyfriend will never even try leaving you.
Sabung Ayam
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