A-home For Android

Who doesn’t want to customize their belongings? This includes one’s home screen on their cell phone. If you are somebody who loves to customize everything you do, you will love aHome. This application is one of the most popular home replacement apps on the Android market.

AHome is one of the highest rated and most downloaded applications for Android systems. It supports a large number of features, includes a number of free themes that can be downloaded and stored on an SD card, and if you want something above and beyond what everybody else has, there are paid themes to boot. The paid themes are also stored in the phone’s memory. Ahome’s applications are large in size, so having them on your SD card is a must.

According to AndroidandMe, when it comes to widgets, aHome has these as well. The first is a customizable weather widget that shows forecasted highs and lows and wind speed for a particular location. The second widget is a horizontal digital clock, which can be used in place of the default analog clock. If there are third party widgets you want to integrate into your home page, aHome supports these as well. These widgets can be found in the Android Market, including several  battery monitors.

Want to perform some extreme customization? Reviewers say customizing aHome is easy via the aHome console. Hook up your console to an aHome server and then to the Android Market and from there downloading customizations is easy and quick. The console offers access to free themes, font packs, and widgets.

You can also set up custom screen names. AHome supports up to 10 screens, each which can be modified. The screen number is indicated by the number of dots between the screen and the dock bar but can be given custom names and labeled with Arabic numbers such as 1,2,3 or Roman numerals. If you understand Chinese, the software supports Chinese numerals and Chinese celestial stems.

If you don’t like the idea of your wallpaper scrolling, you can turn off that feature through aHome. The software also supports auto-rotation of the home screen. The company states you simply tilt your phone and the wallpaper rotates. To clear, you can click the button “auto clear item.” This button will clear the icons from deleted applications and from the home screens, saving you a step when you remove an app.

What else comes with aHome? App Drawers. This is a feature placed to the left of the screen with a widget drawer to the right. The app drawer works like the app drawer you typically use on a home screen application. It contains all of your applications in alphabetical order. The widget drawer contains all widgets, also sorted alphabetically. The contents here can be replaced with icons for most recently used applications. Don’t like it? You can disable your widget drawer.

How does the dock bar look? Some say this is the most unusual and unique feature of this application. The dock bar keeps track of your most recently used applications and displays them across the bottom of ALL screens. Combining your doc bar and widget drawer therefore makes accessing your applications simple.

Customizing your Android based smart phone is as easy as the software app designed to do it for you.

A-WA – Habib Galbi – Official Video

A WA is a band formed by 3 sisters who combine Yemenite folk singing with electronic dance music

France / Swiss / Belgium :
Buy A-WA new album “Habib Galbi” now !
On Itunes : http://po.st/A-waiTunes //
On Fnac : http://po.st/A-waFnac //
On Amazon : http://po.st/A-waAmazon //
Vinyle album : http://po.st/A-waVinyle //

Listen to it on :
Deezer : http://po.st/A-waDeezer //
Google Play : http://po.st/A-waGooglePlay //

Website: http://www.a-wamusic.com
FB https://www.facebook.com/awaofficial
Twitter https://twitter.com/AwAband1
Instagram https://instagram.com/a_wa_official/

Video credits:
Directed, Filmed & Edited by Tomer Yosef
Produced by Idan Shtainer
Styling & Costume Design: Ron Ben Nun
Hair & MakeUp: Ronel Goshen
1st Assistant Camera & Lighting: Roy Orbach
2nd Assistant & Art: Maya Orbach
Lighting & 2nd Assistant: Luke Brossette
Driver: Miki Koresh
Dancers: Ron Yosef, Neria Nagar & Lior Oshmi
Mother: Soshi Berger
Father: Avner Yosef
Aerial footage: www.InLight.Me

Big Thanks To:
Omer Gershon
Shmulik & Naama Haim
Udi Barak
Noam & Gali Oren
Ruth & Eilana
Maria Gadnaor
Baruch Diamant
Omer Goldman
Avi Akiva Rozenberg Kasuto

Music credits:
Lyrics & Music – Traditional Yemenite Folk
Produced & Arranged by Tomer Yosef
Recording by Dan Zeitune
Vocals – Tair, Liron & Tagel Haim
Keyboards – Tom Darom
Drums – Tamir Muskat
Bass & Guitars – Itamar Ziegler
Electronic Drums & Percussion – Tomer Yosef
Mixed by Tamir Muskat @ Vibroeast Studio
Assistant engineer – Omri Amdo
Mastering by Shmulik Daniel @ Hook &High Mastering

Contact Info:
[email protected]


حبيبي بكى اعياني, مبيش مثله حبيب ثاني
حبيبي بكى اعياني, وكم رحله وخلاني

حبيب قلبي ويا عيني عجب من عيبك مني
عجب من عيبك مني, جهل ياكل ولا يهني,

حبيب قلبي ويا عيني, عجب من عيبك مني
من اول طلعة الفجر, حنق خيلي وسار يجري

حنق خيلي وسار يجري, حنق يا ناس وما بدري,
حبيب قلبي ويا عيني عجب من عيبك مني

حبيب القلب اعياني , سنة وشهرين وما جاني
سنة وشهرين وما جاني, يا ناس رحله وشجاني,

حبيب قلبي ويا عيني عجب من عيبك مني
لمن اشكي ويفهمني, لمن ابكي ويرحمني

لمن ابكي ويرحمني, منو منكم يساعدني
حبيب قلبي ويا عيني عجب من عيبك مني


Love of my heart, my eyes
It is a wonder who has set you against me
He dared to eat but not be satisfied

And as the dawn rose
My love got upset and left running
My love got upset, o’ people!, and I am left unknowing

Love my of heart, my eyes…

My love has made my eyes cry
He rose and left me
And there is no other love like him

Love of my heart, my eyes…

Love of my heart, my eyes
A year and a half has passed and he has not returned to me
O’ people, he has left and driven me mad

Love of my heart, my eyes…

To whom can I bemoan that will understand me?
To whom can I cry that will pity me?
Which of you will help me?

Love of my heart, my eyes…