Miriam Batliwala or Mimi as she is loving known as, a visually challenged and winner of Award of Excellence – Women Achievers in the field of Social Perform was felicitated by the Ladies wing of Indian Merchant Chambers in Mumbai on 28th December 2012.

Darshana Doshi President of Ladies Wing of IMC introduced Mimi in short who is the author of ” InSight- One Woman’s Incredible Journey from Darkness to Light”, She appreciated Mimi who turned blind at the age of 12 obtaining overcome all the hurdles in life which Mimi has penned in her book “Insight”. She additional said that Mimi did not enable her disability to more than come her.
Speaking on the occasion Mimi stated “If you have no fear and you know that you have got to do anything, you cross the hurdle whichever way it is you always will get to do it,”

Mimi added “Whether I had to play golf, or dance, I stated to myself, ‘I will find a way to handle to locate my personal way around it’.” Growing up, she recalls how she hid her disability from these around her and often believed it was some thing horrible like a disease and hid it pondering it was not a very good thing. She wondered how folks would react to me if she talked about it.

Behind all her accomplishment she says, is her mother — her strength — who let her shed and allowed her to develop. She further added that she knew extremely early that she couldn’t see, She continued, that at the age of 12 she couldn’t study or see distance. Her mother did not say ‘she cannot see, she cannot do, how she will do it.’ It didn’t come in the way. I did everything that everybody else did.”

She stated “It really is important, especially for parents whose young children are challenged, to make them as independent as they can be, to let them cope with their disabilities. They will discover a way about it somehow — I did,” she adds. She recalls her experiences, producing everybody laugh and staying true to the ‘spicy sangria’ nature she is known to have. A lady who has located light in the darkness of her disability.

Mimi is an inspiration for other folks who suffer as effectively as the healthier and fortunate. She is very motivated and excelled in sports regardless of whether swimming or athletics and even managed to get by way of the hockey group. She has studied Yoga beneath yogacharya B.K. S. Iyengar and is also teaching Yoga.

Vimla Patil gave the vote of thanks although appreciating Mimi for her achievements.