A List Of The Most Delicious Franchise Restaurants At The Moment

If you live in the United States of America, chances are you enjoy fast food as much as the next person. Of course, its never a good idea to solely eat fast food, but its tough not to with so many options constantly in front of us.

This is a list of some of my top recommendations of fast food restaurants to try that you may not have so often.

When I went to school in the south, there was one place we would always end up at late at night: Mrs. Winners. This place has some amazing chicken and biscuits and if you ever see one on your travels, is worth checking out.

For a chicken sandwich in general, it is very hard to beat the fried chicken sandwiches that Chick Fil A makes. These things are absolutely delicious.

If you live in a major city, chances are you have passed a Sonic once or twice before. Next time you are thinking about getting fast food, put Sonic at the top of your list. This place has some amazing types of dishes and is great because you don’t even have to leave your car!

For the best burger out there, however, I have to head to the west coast for In N Out Burger. This place is technically fast food, but it sure doesn’t taste like it. In N Out produces some high quality food. Just make sure to get your burger “animal style.” Its not on the menu but it’s a great option.

For old school style burgers, Checker’s is always a fun option. I don’t know what it is about this place, but its got a great, 1950s vibe to it, regardless of where they are located.

These are just some of the many fast food franchises to choose from. Its never a good idea to only eat fast food, but every once in a while, it makes for a delicious treat.
Sabung Ayam
Bruce Robison
with Teddy Chipouras
In regard to the Lone Star States finest tunesmiths, Bruce Robison lands at the top of the heap. His songwriting turned the heads of some of the industrys biggest artists and took them to the top of the charts (Dixie Chicks No. 1 version of Travelin Soldier, George Straits recording of Wrapped and the beautiful Tim McGraw/Faith Hill rendition of Angry All The Time, to name a few). While those achievements might be considered the pinnacle of a song writing career to some, Robison has never been one to rest on his laurels. He is always creating. The last two releases from Robison were as a duo project with wife and acclaimed singer/songwriter, Kelly Willis. Cheaters Game and Our Year were released just over a year apart in 2013 and 2014, respectively, to rave reviews. After touring extensively to support the duos releases, Bruce turned his focus toward his other passion project, The Next Waltz, a virtual social house of music, videos and interviews spotlighting the artists and songs that make up the pedigree of this generations cream of the crop. In his studio located just outside of Austin, Robison hosts and records an evolving array of artists who share in his commitment to continue the tradition of collaborative creativity. Everything in Bruces studio is recorded on analog tape with no digital shenanigans just like back when music was good. From Robisons perspective, that difference – between digital and analog makes all the difference. In fact its so important to him, that tag line appears on the liner notes of Bruces brand new album, Bruce Robison & The Back Porch Band, to be released on April 28. While immersed in the process of capturing some of his favorite songs and artists for The Next Waltz, Robison was inspired to round up his own band and lay down a collection of originals, co-writes and covers to put his personal stamp on. With a list of musician credits that could easily be mistaken for a hall-of-fame roll call, Robison delivers a truly organic listening experience that includes happy accidents and all kinds of things that just feel real. Bruce Robison & The Back Porch Band is a real nine-track album made up of good-time, light hearted romps (Rock n Roll Honky Tonk Ramblin Man) and wistful, sometimes bittersweet ballads (Long Time Coming; Still Doin Time). Even The Whos Squeezebox which Robison calls a a great country song by some English dudes – fits perfectly in the mix. Long-time friend, Jack Ingram, appears with Robison on Paid My Dues, (written by Jason Eady and Micky Braun of Micky and the Motorcars) for a rowdy honky-tonker version. Robison marvels, The song that I cut with Jack, theres not even one overdub on it. That sounds like a simple thing, but Ive never done that in my entire career, where we dont even go in and fix anything. Recording the way we do really allows the players to bring their own voices, their own styles, into the music, says Robison. Thats the kind of vibe Im trying to get back to. I want to let people see how cool this process is and how much it has to do with country music, and how the kind of music that we make is tied to those traditions.