A Live Lobster Ensures A Happening Seafood Dinner

Are you planning for a seafood treat? If it be so, get in touch with your best buddies, order some exotic seafood delicacies, chalk out a venue and get going for a rocking dinner. Well, your taste buds must have been dying to embrace your dream seafood. Can you imagine of a seafood dinner party and that too on a serene balmy beach with your near ones? Well, it can be nothing but simply your seafood addiction that can compel you to grab such a moment. There is an endless list of seafood like lobsters, shrimps, lobster tails, lobster cakes, crabs, etc. However, live lobsters have dominated most of the seafood eateries among all other seafood cuisines. In fact, most of the happening dinner parties prefer live lobsters amongst the top seafood treats.

You might get perplexed while dealing with a wide range of unique seafood recipes. Well, a live lobster can certainly be a perfect one. However, you must be extremely cautious while picking up live lobsters. After you clasp one, make sure that the claws possess bands on them. These bands protect you from breaking your fingers. Once you are ready to cook it, simply take the bands off. Its also recommended to drag a live lobster directly from the freezer and then start heating until it becomes warm. This in fact makes it taste more delicious.

As far as a fresh live lobster is concerned, it takes an interval of ten to fifteen minutes to boil per pound. If you are planning to boil a full live lobster, take a spacious pot and put some salt along with a crab. You need to first insert the head of the lobster into the pot and cook unless the shell reddens. Now, when it turns to bright red, get them removed from the pot and serve your guests.

Well, its undeniably true that a seafood dinner party is unimaginable without a flair of a live lobster. Well, you can gain advantage if you are residing in close proximity to the coast. This can be easy for you to get live lobsters for your guest. If you are not flexibly accessible to seafood, try to get it from a nearby exclusive seafood shop.

There are plenty of seafood restaurants where you can get varied seafood cuisines. Even if its a big thing for you, contact a popular seller via online who can offer overnight delivery services and hence get you some authentic seafood on a regular basis. For those who are owning seafood eateries can always get ideas on some unique recipes online. Therefore, you can easily satisfy your guest by offering a wide range of seafood dinner delicacies.

For sea foodies, Maine can be dream venue as its also known as the lobster capital of the world. Once you step on the Maine soils, you will come across numerous seafood outlets serving diverse and exclusive seafood cuisines. So get in touch with the Maine seafood departments online today and book for a seafood dinner party. To know more about live lobster recipes, you can take the help of the web.