A Look Around the New HTC Desire

Anybody looking for a complete smartphone package can do a lot worse than take a look at the excellent HTC Desire. This is certainly a phone with many irons in the fire, including the great Android 2.1 OS and the very user friendly “Sense” interface.

The already superb Android 2.1 is further enhanced by its partnership with the Sense UI from HTC in this model. Any smartphone fan is already aware of the excellent variety that Android offers the user, from the huge variety of applications available from a number of developers, to third party software such as Flash support that makes the handset incredibly versatile. What the Sense user interface bring to the table is a high level of user friendliness. Every task you look to perform seems to be enhanced by its presence. Social Networking fans will appreciate the Friendstream function. What this does is collaborate a wealth of information from sites such as Facebook and Twitter all in one location. Therefore you can recieve status updates, photographs and messages without needing to log into seperate applications every time. Sense UI also simplifies the homescreen layout, so rather than having to scroll through several different homescreens, the display offers a simple overview of all screens so you can simply select the one you require.

The HTC Desire offers the users a superb range of connectivity options to ensure you always have the best signal possible. It is important for users to stay in touch whilst on the move, whether it is to surf the web or to check e mails. Thanks to 3G, the Desire offers the fastest possible data speeds whilst on the go. Should you be in an area without 3G coverage, you can still be assured of connectivity thanks to the phone supporting GPRS/EDGE systems. Putting all of this to one side though, your fastest and most satisfying experience can be achieved when connected via Wireless LAN. Otherwise known as WiFi, this enables you to connect to a personal network or a publicly accessible one to take advantage of the speediest connection possible. The Desire features Bluetooth 2.1 technology, enabling wireless connectivity to a whole range of compatible products such as in car audio systems and headsets. A micro USB connection is also present to allow easy synchronisation to your home computer. Making all of these features tick along both smoothly and at a very quick pace is a high powered 1Ghz processor. HTC seem to have pulled out all of the stops with the Desire. The result is a handset that will delight mobile phone fans everywhere thanks to the perfect blend of features, looks and functionality.

The HTC Desire and the Nokia N8 Silver are available now.