A Look around the New Samsung Galaxy S

Samsung have released a top quality smartphone in the shape of the new Galaxy S. The handsets has a screen that not only benefits from cutting edge technology, but also its impressive size.

At a glance, it is easy to draw comparisons between the new Samsung Galaxy S and Apples iPhone. The simple layout of the handset see the excellent 4″ screen take up the majority of the front, with just one single home button located beneath it. Overall the weight of the phone is just 119 grammes which is relatively lightweight for a phone of this specification. The weight is kept to a minimum thanks to the handset being made almost entirely of plastic, which does make the phone feel a little cheaper than some comparable models. The screen technology used to achieve crystal clear images and text is named Super AMOLED. Unlike AMOLED screens which comprise of a layer for the display and a second layer on top of which acts as the touch sensitive interface, this new screen combines these two individual sheets into one, dramatically reducing thickness whilst also improving the screens viewing credentials in natural daylight. The 480 x 800 resolution does a great job of reproducing superb detail, meaning the phone not only handles web browsing easily, but the screen excels when it comes to viewing your multimedia files. Auto rotate functionality is present thanks to an accelerometer chip. The overall dimensions of the phone are 122.4 x 64.2 x 9.9mm, fairly standard dimensions with the exception of the depth which is slimmer than what we are used to thanks to the previously mentioned screen technology.

The Samsung Galaxy S is not only fast, it is a super quick phone. Whatever function you choose to perform, be it accessing the web, loading a game or shooting video, loads almost instantly. The phones processor, which is an ARM A8 Cortex chip, is an impressive 1Ghz affair, which seems tailor made to handle everything you need to do on the phone. Internet browsing is particularly pleasing, and the excellent connectivity that is offered can be thanked for this. WiFi is supported in class B, G and N, with the latter offering the fastest experience when connected to a compatible router. You need not suffer a serious loss in performance whilst on the move thanks to the phones 3G capabilities. When connected to this network, the handsets HSUPA compatibility ensures a pleasing online experience. A micro SD card slot is present on the phone, accepting additional memory cards up to 32GB, this is alongside the 8GB that is already present on the phone. Samsung have impressed us with the latest handsets, which is certainly up there with the best smartphones currently available. The excellent Android OS impresses as always, along with the screen and the general speed that the phone offers.

The Samsung Galaxy S and the Samsung C3300 White are available now.