A Look at Ridge Racer 3D

With the Nintendo 3DS Calling on popular titles like the Resident Evil series, “Dead or Alive” and “Rabbids”, Nintendo is ensuring that they are offering options that gamers of all types will enjoy. Further, to spice things up, Nintendo is also re-releasing vintage “Game Boy” style retro games that can be played on the 3DS console with titles such as Pac-Man, Galaga and of course the Mario series being released on this super portable system. This illustrates the fact that Nintendo has every intention of releasing the 3DS with a bang and blow everyone away, like it did when the Wii first came out.

Let’s talk about Ridge Racer for Nintendo 3DS. Several gaming consoles have released Ridge Racer, and apparently, the title isn’t slowing down anytime soon. Initially released through the first Play station, we are now discussing Ridge Racer 7, which is available on all the hottest gaming systems since it has become a cross-platform title. Other car games which have done this include F1 2010 which is the first F1 licensed title in over 10 years that can be played on something other than a Play station! Back to Ridge Racer, Namco has diversified their console releases, allowing gamers from many popular systems to enjoy the title.

The latest move for Namco is releasing Ridge Racer 7 for the new Nintendo 3DS, which is scheduled for a late March release and will probably set you back something like $ 250 in the US. The hand held world will experience this popular title in 3D, offering a great visual appeal by capitalizing on the best in 3D technology without the hindrance of awkward feeling and looking glasses.

New features are impressive, but Ridge Racer 7 still fails to deliver in areas like customizable options and a lack of online playability. The 3D advancements are fun, but the lacking modifications to other areas still leave a bit to be desired. The graphics, sound effects, and 3D environment give everything a great feel, however, fuelling loyalty from gamers who have loved this title every step of the way.

If you loved Ridge Racer before, you’ll love the latest version, as it uses the latest in gaming console technology to deliver the product you’ve grown accustomed to. Playing in a 3D world will make most games better, and Ridge Racer 7 is no exception! It has its downsides but for a first attempt at the 3DS it’s impressive, and you’ll never have to take your glasses off!