A Look at the New York Giants

Last year when the New York Giants faced the New England Patriots who had been, at that time, undefeated for the typical season and the post season, there were few individuals out there – other than die-tough New York Giants fans – who thought that Eli Manning and the rest of the team would be returning with the championship trophy.

New England fans believed that their team’s ability to win the game was nothing at all short of a provided and many joked that they did not even require to watch the game to anticipate the outcome.

Imagine their surprise, of course, when the New York Giants ended up winning the game. In the span of a few quick hours in the course of which the game was played, businesses fought to air the ideal commercials and bands rocked the half-time show, Eli Manning proved himself to be following in his older brother’s footsteps as a talented professional quarterback.

The New York Giants proved that they have been prepared on each offense and defense and went on to show that they had been the team of the night.

Of course, just since the New York Giants are the reigning champions of the NFL does not imply that they are shoe-ins to go back to the big game at the end of the new season.

The New York Giants did play in the initial game of the 2008-2009 season and Thursday, September four, 2008 – and in that game they defeated the Washington Redskins. Nevertheless, there are these who are fans of the New York Giants who are not ready to breathe a sigh of relief and to continue to believe in the season.

In part, this is due to the fact that the New York Giants scored all of their points in the game in the course of the initial half. While the team shut out the Redskins in that first half, the New York Giants have been not capable to hold them off totally.

This has led to some commentators believing that there could be challenges for this year’s New York Giants team – as properly as to a number of fans considering that, against a better team than the Redskins, there could be challenges.

No season would be total without some ups and downs the reality is that the New York Giants are bound to have both wins and losses all through the season. As time goes on, New York Giants fans, critics and sports commentators alike are going to have their say they will have each pride in the group and disappointments.

These who are watching to see what Eli Manning will be capable to do this season are most likely to see him make some wonderful throws and some that are disappointing as nicely.

It really is all just a portion of the game and of the NFL season. Still for those who are fans of the New York Giants, the way in which they are beginning the season does bode properly these who are hoping for a repeat Superbowl overall performance will have to just wait and see.