A Mastermind Group Is Not A Networking Group!

That’s right, your mastermind group should never be confused with a networking group! And it is very important when you are in the act of recruiting members to make sure that everyone, before they consent to join or before you give them a formal invitation, understands the true nature of a mastermind group.

There are so many ‘networking’ types of organizations out there and people on the prowl for leads I just want to be clear when I say that networking is not the aim of a mastermind group and vice versa. In a mastermind group you and the other members are there to serve one another, not badger each other for new business leads or referrals.

The typical networking group or leads group is made up of individuals, each of whom represents a particular profession or vocation. For example, there could be only one member who is a printer, one who is an accountant, one who is a veterinarian and so forth.

Each of you supposedly offers up leads and or contacts for the others. Perhaps that’s why networking groups feature a constant churning of members, once someone milks the group dry they move on to be replaced by another hungry person prospecting for new business.

Some mastermind groups succeed for decades with each member becoming interdependent with the group. Often new business results from these relationships over time but this is not the focus of membership. In fact most successful business owners acknowledge it’s not the new business that’s the most profitable, it’s converting existing customers to key accounts, often the result of their mastermind group’s insights.

If you are looking for a networking group, there must be several existing organizations in your area that offer them, and you should check them out – but they are not mastermind groups. There are also mastermind groups where an organizer puts together groups of strangers, making up individual groups.

The mastermind group organizers help the groups get started, act as facilitators, and encourage the members to reenlist when their initial term is up or switch to another group if they are finding the experience less than optimum for them. There are several things about these sponsored mastermind groups that make them less productive that the do-it-yourself mastermind group process detailed in the video and in the exceptional mastermind ebook program featured here on our web site.

Nevertheless, there may be enough of a benefit to you for you to join one. Generally, these types of groups meet in person so there’s the cost in time associated with that. Naturally there are fees involved for the organizer and their organization. There is usually a contingent of members who are really there to promote themselves, mistaking the mastermind group for a networking group, making it uncomfortable for everyone else.

But the real drawbacks are that they are made up of strangers with unknowable goals and desires and each member must be from a different industry so there is no chance to benefit from directly relevant insights. This is understandable since everyone is based locally and no one wants to share their secrets with their direct competition..

The typical masterminds group put together by professional organizers that are successful over a long period of time are more from the lucky happenstance of people who genuinely like one another somehow miraculously joining the same group. All that being said, join as many different kinds of groups as you have time for. SABUNG AYAM