A New Big Joke

  On September 12, 1956, a new came to the world, Meixian County of Guangzhou Province. Maybe on that day, nobody had ever imagined that how much changes the new life would bring to the world. Nowadays everyone in the world is very familiar with him, and there is still a lot of people in memory of him through some methods on April 1st every year. Yes, his name is Leslie Cheung.

  He was a famous singer, actor and composer who owned the most influential person in Chinese community around the world and Asia areas. During the whole career, he had developed himself in different aspects such as performing, singing etc, becoming the one of the most successful representative in music circle of Great China Region and a giant star in motion circle.

He was one of the most important singers in Chinese music circle at 1980s. In 1991, he won Best Actor of Hong Kong Film Awards. In 1994 he achieved Best Actor of Critics Award in Japan, breaking the box office records of mainland art films in United States and joined the international motion circle successfully. In 1999 he won the highest honor Golden Compass Award in Hong Kong music circle. He had acted as the main role in many motions such as Rough, The Chinese Ghost Story, Days of Being Wild, Farewell Concubine, Ashes of Time, Happy Together etc.

What’s a pity that such a great person had ended his life on April 1st, 2003, due to the great pressure from the outside world, he felt that he could no longer burden that and wanted to search for happiness in another world. This was the biggest joke for the festival. When the news of his dying had been spread, everyone who loved him was deeply shocked, only God knows that how they wish it was just a joke. But disappointedly it is true, true news for everyone with great encourage for acceptance, no matter how reluctant for you to leave, he had left forever. Until now, though 7 years has passed away, there are a lot of people in memory of him, every year on April 1st– the day he left, they will hold some memorial form and showed their love towards him. There would also be some words in articles for the memory of him.

Recently there was some news about the great person, stating his resurrection. The shocked news from a famous Chinese author in his micro blog, when learned about the bad news, many people felt angry because such a dirty policymaking instrument just with the intention to make the author himself more famous. It is useless for the person who had left the world for a long time. Actually the reason why he finally chose to leave the world in the way of killing himself was that he wanted peace and keep away from trouble in the world. What has happened today will only make him uncomfortable in the other world, as for his fans, it is also a kind of blasphemy which cannot be ignored.

When reading about such lies on my laptop(http://www.dinodirect.com/laptops/ ), I was rather angry, thus I have written the above words with the intention to state his status in my heart and make a new memory of him. I hope everyone who read the news would keep a clear mind and think it is just a kind of policymaking. Nowadays we all need a clear, beautiful and true website environment, prohibiting those who want to make use of modern technology for their own benefits. With the development of modern technology, it is necessary for us to weapon with wisdom avoid to be fooled by some false news.