A New E-commerce Model from China Search

On November 29th, 2008, in the 11th Zhongguancun IT Festival China Search and Hilon announced to establish a new e-commerce platform Baiyigou. Chen Pei, CEO of China Search, stated that it was one particular a lot more productive activity of its “Cooperative Enterprise” which recognized by a lot of enterprises.

Baiyigou will set up a total and faithful operating method to strongly guarantee consumers’ safety and develop a new way to combine the classic search engine with e-commerce application. It also will be an crucial turning point of the revolutionary models of Business China presented by China Search.

A New E-commerce Model with the Vague Boundaries of E-commerce The advantages of the “Cooperative Company” model are as follows: Taking into consideration much more about the customers’ demands, it carries out the e-commerce advertising and marketing in the partners’ specialized field, and the platform is characterized by its extensibility and openness of any other new company model. Chen Pei maintained that cooperating with Hilon it had identified an essential e-commerce model supported by the customized portal technologies, search technology and the e-commerce service capacity of China Search.

The cooperation of Zhongxou and Hilon superficially appears a quite robust B2C e-commerce model, even though it includes a big quantity of B2B model. Getting asked how to define the boundaries of e-commerce, Chen Pei stated that China Search was not deliberately to blur and re-divide the e-commerce models, nor to make up a new concept. Contrarily, from the viewpoint of the customers’ requirements and based on the openness of China Search, it combines the search engine technology with e-commerce and then blends the individual wisdom in it to develop up a new e-commerce model. Nonetheless, Baiyigou is the main embodiment of the new e-commerce model. It will totally integrate the search technology of China Search in the “3C” of Hilon to serve consumers and customers.

The Integration of E-commerce and Search Technologies Applied by Numerous Enterprises Facing so much search and personalized solutions, Ma Yun said, the integration of e-commerce and search technologies will be the core of e-commerce in the future. China Search is likely to have some adjustments in its search and customized solutions just like Yahoo and Ali.

At present, China Search is working challenging on its search service in the vertical and deep way, such as the news search presented in 2002 and the B2B search launched in 2008. As to the R&ampD of the customized search portal, it stresses on the capacity of e-commerce and business solutions.

Chen Pei thinks that as time goes by, the universal search will be getting worse and with much less worth, so a trade-off is a regular path and the crucial value of China Search is to provide considerably a lot more precise final results. That is why it joins the personal wisdom in the search and has a customized portal improvement. Based on its personalized service and search technology, it can not only do e-commerce in a deep and vertical way but also have a large scope via the new e-commerce model. Seeking about the other e-commerce platforms, though they are leading the e-commerce in China, virtually all of them are lacking in depth and breadth, due to the fact the masters of the platform are the individuals specializing in Internet. On the contrary, China Search offers the operating correct of the platform to its partners who make the e-commerce deep and vertical in their fields with the aid of the powerful technical and service advantages of China Search.

The Future of the New E-commerce Model As an advocator of the concept of cooperation, Sector China of China Search adopts the new “Cooperative Organization” model. It supplies self-built e-commerce platforms to enterprises and combines its personalized portal, search technology and service potential with the industry knowledge of the enterprises to get income. E-commerce is just a trial. In such a global financial depression, enterprises are in life-and-death scenario and e-commerce offers them a life-saving straw, so a lot more enterprises will be prepared to innovate and look for the suitable e-commerce model. It is a very good chance for e-commerce to modify.

Perhaps, the appearance of Baiyigou is just the beginning, and so are the e-commerce transformation and the search engine changes. They will make a deep influence in the future.