A New Life And A New Beginning

Do you still a student studying in school, or a student graduating from school recently? Yes, I am in one of the two chooses. I am no longer a college student, because I have graduated from my college a few days ago.
I have to say goodbye to my schoollife, and prepare to meet my new life. At the same time, my role change from a student into a company staff, from learning textbook knowledge into studying how to work best to earn more money for the company and should active appropriately. Do you have the feeling that when we come to a new place, we have to take a long time to be accustomed to the new environment. Among the days, I frequently remember the happy days I lived in the school with my roommates, classmates and good friends. I also can clearly remember the situation that we went out for shopping on weekends, visited to the botanical garden when weather is sunny ,we talked, laughed, but sometimes had a quarrel with someone. In school, all of us are just children without worries and trouble, had no things to be anxious, so we lived happily. Though sometimes, we may have a dislike of the examinations, be angry with the classmate or roommates, but we still can turn to our teachers, or even our parents for help, they can help us to solve difficulties and problems.
But when we leaved school and begin to touch the new world, the new society, many things have changed, and it is more complex for us to get along with others. We can no longer business as usual, everything was different, and our actions and behaviors are bound by certain constraints, we must obey the company’s arrangements. To be a staff in a company, we have to give up some interests and hobbies, it is necessary and essential. we need to learn to make use of the time when we work or in our spare time. Because if we do like this, we can work easily and relaxly, and be more efficient. And we can do more things in our transient time .
Coming to a new place means a new beginning, everything is unfamiliar with us, but it is common for all of us ,everybody should adjust our mentality to adapt to it. The start is not easy, what we should do is try our best to overcome it. Have you ever heard the proverb: where there is a will, there is a way. As long as we do not adjust to the new environment, we can make full use of the existing resources to enrich ourselves, to make more friends is also a good way. when we feel lonely or unhappy, we can call the people who you want to talk with to alleviate the feeling. Everything is becoming from unfamiliar to familiar, so we should believe that everything will go better. SABUNG AYAM