A Quick Guide To Building Chicken Coops Yourself

If you are a fan of omelets and souffles, then you know the value of a good egg. Fresher eggs taste better. If you are looking to serve up the freshest eggs possible, maybe you should consider raising your own chickens. That way you will have a reliable supply of delicious eggs. Perhaps you are thinking that building chicken coops is something only farmers do, think again. It is actually quite easy to do yourself.

Prior to starting to build, you need to apply for a building permit. Check with your city and county government offices to see which the right place to apply is. Once your permit is granted, confirm that it includes building coops.

Figure out where you would like to build the coop and get your supplies. Building it on flatter terrain is best. You should also try to avoid any areas with water runoff or near areas that tend to gather water. The last thing you want is a flooded coop or having eggs washed away. Plan to provide 2 square feet per chicken.

The easiest and best type of coop to make is wood. It is the easiest to work with and will last long. You will need some chicken wire and some nails as well. If you live in a colder climate you should install some insulation the ceiling and walls. A dirt floor is okay, but a wood floor is better to keep foxes and other carnivores from being able to dig underneath the coop.

The chickens will really appreciate a fenced in run area attached to the coop. They will use it to wander about and get some exercise. Just be certain that is attached securely to the coop. Otherwise, predators can work their way in or break it loose. Inside your coop, you can create separate cubbyholes for each bird to call its own. A nest inside the cubbyholes will make the birds feel right at home. An adequate feeding and drinking water area will round out their home.

Raising chickens can be rewarding not only in how fun it can be but by taking care of the birds and getting great eggs in return. They will be better than what you could buy at the store and in the end, building a chicken coop will save you money.
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