A Result Of Using Highly Toxic Chemicals As Pesticides Caused Two Deaths And One Injury – Toxic

HC Chemical Network News, April 17, Enping poisoning occurred, resulting in two deaths and one injury, in which the two deceased men and women injured by out of danger after emergency treatment, on April 20, female victims have been recovered discharged. The public security departments Enping prima facie, that the accident was due to the victim and their families to make use of highly toxic chemicals, aluminum phosphide fumigation Pesticides Caused.

Migrant workers killed in early morning father and son

4 4 o’clock early morning of 17, Yun Ping Municipal Public Security Bureau received a mass of 110 police dispatch center, said the East Gate in the city district of the East celebrate 30 years of rental have a man lying in the house. After receiving the report, police quickly arrived and found 41-year-old male victim Hemou its 13-year-old son had died and the wife of Zhang He Mou was froth at the mouth, the police immediately be sent to the City People’s Hospital Yun Ping, a preliminary examination by doctors , 3 suspected food poisoning.

Police investigation, they found the victim’s residence filled with a pungent smell, and from the house were more than 20 bottles of highly toxic chemicals, aluminum phosphide tablets, and multi-block up on the cloth under the walnut shelves of phosphorus of aluminum.

Preliminary determination: Improper use of toxic chemicals

4 17 morning 6 am, after the rescue, woman injured Zhang wake up. According to Zhang said they are Tongliang County, she and her husband was 45 years ago came Hemou Enping, and has been living selling dried walnut. Son was six months ago to Yun Ping’s, their families and others not grudges, no outsiders visiting Recently, the meals are her husband do. Rental of rental because of its memory stood a large number of walnut, so they brought from home using a toxic chemical to the insect. From April 15 onwards, the family began to notice discomfort, to April 16 at 2 pm, the son vomiting and vomit blood. 9 pm the same day, Zhang took his son to check Enping City People’s Hospital, doctors initially diagnosed as stomach bleeding, it is recommended according to endoscopy and kept under observation, but the young son of Zhang to the ground, no doctor’s recommendations. After returning home from the hospital, his son’s symptoms eased, also appeared at this time Zhang’s husband, stomach pain and vomiting, but not to the hospital.

4 3 am early morning of 17, Zhang’s husband found her son sitting in a chair, body cold, no breathing and heartbeat, to wake Zhang, Wu allowed to call rental owners to help call 120 distress and alarm. When Zhang and making phone calls and found her husband Hemou also fell to the Chamber, froth at the mouth, and Zhang began to feel uncomfortable.

Based on current understanding of the situation with the site survey data analysis, initially determined that this is because the use of toxic chemicals Zhang, a poisoning caused by improper.

Yesterday morning, the reporter went to Zhang admitted to the hospital, nurses told reporters, Zhang in April 20 had recovered. Subsequently, the reporter went to live in rental Zhang, saw the door closed. Nearby residents told reporters that the past two days have not seen Zhang.

Enping agricultural supply shops yet found aluminum phosphide

After the incident, quickly Enping City Public Security Bureau issued a “place of residence on the prohibited use of aluminum phosphide in humans,” the circular broadcast in Enping TV Taiwan rolling broadcast. Reporter made a special trip to visit the city’s agricultural fertilizer Enping shops and a telephone interview the Enping City Agriculture Bureau of the staff.

Visited by the reporter found that the Agricultural Materials Enping fertilizer store yet found Sell This aluminum phosphide pesticide, a store personnel told us that they have not heard of this insecticide is also seen on television the Enping City Police Department issued the notice, only aware of such pesticides.

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Enping Bureau of Agriculture, according to the relevant work of personnel, use of red phosphorus and aluminum powder aluminum phosphide fired at, killing efficiency due to high Economy Convenient and widely granaries, seed storage and epidemic prevention departments to kill rodents and other animals, all kinds of rodents, can also be used as a fumigant to kill pests of rice paddy is a highly toxic compound. SABUNG AYAM