A Review of The Azante Jewelry Income Opportunity

There are many people in our society that are what we referred to as “go-getters.” These are people that are not happy with the status quo of working for others in your typical 8-5 job. If you are one of these people then you realize that the only way to really get ahead and secure your financial future is to be your own boss. You should know that there are many opportunities available online that can help you achieve your goal.

One such company is Azante Jewelry. They are an online company that sells unique jewelry. Their jewelry is handcrafted from a several types of high quality materials. Some of the materials incorporated into Azante Jewelry are freshwater pearls and Bali sterling silver. They also have pieces that use Swarovski Australian crystals and semi precious gemstones to name a few.

According to the company some of their best sellers include customized family bracelets, custom created children and adult birthstone bracelets, and pins for Grandmothers. They also offer the ability to have their jewelry custom sized which allow you to sell the piece as truly custom made.

You may become an Azante Jewelry consultant by signing up online. It will cost you $ 99 which includes their business and training supply package. This package does not include any jewelry but you will get catalogs, display materials, invitations, order forms and their training manual. With this option you are not required to purchase any jewelry up front to begin selling.

If you want some Azante Jewelry on hand before you begin selling you can purchase one of their other start-up kits. For $ 299 you can get their “Best Sellers Kit” or there is their “Premiere Kit” for $ 599, each of them includes the business and training supply package and you have your choice of 10 pieces of Azante Jewelry. With either one of these kits the jewelry you choose will be given to you at a 50% discount.

Most Azante Jewelry consultants begin by hosting jewelry parties with their friends and families. During these jewelry parties you will earn a commission of 30%-40% on your sales. Commissions are paid each month by check. Once you have reached $ 2000 in sales you will be able to purchase your jewelry at a 50% discount. You must sell at least $ 600 worth of product every six months in order to remain in good standing with the company.

The company occasionally has promotions that can result in bonuses that usually include a choice of jewelry or additional commission percentages. They also offer incentives that include trips and cash. This company does not require you to recruit others to work for you like many other companies do. However if you are able to sponsor someone to become an Azante Jewelry consultant you will also a percentage of their monthly commissions.

Azante Jewelry offers support and training for their consultants. You may attend training sessions and they also send updates through newsletters and email communications. If you have other questions you may call them or contact your local sales group. The company does not require you to maintain inventory and there are no yearly dues or renewal fees.
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