A Review of the New Nokia E7

The New Nokia E7 is the second device from the manufacturer to boast the latest version of the impressive Symbian operating system. The E7 is very similar in design to the excellent N8, but with the addition of a larger screen and a high quality full Qwerty keypad.

At 123.7 x 62.4 x 13.6mm, the model is relatively large in comparison to similar handsets, however many of these competitors models do not boast the added functionality of a full physical keypad. This is tucked away behind the screen, and opens via a slider mechanism. When activated the screen rests at a 30 degree angle to the keypad, making it the perfect angle for composing e mails and texts. The keys have a rubber finish, and are slightly raised which make using the device very comfortable. Should you choose not to activate the keypad, the screen offers a virtual alternative which also performs well, matching the very best designs available. The screen itself on the E7 measures 4 inches and utilises the latest AMOLED technology to produce a depth of colour that betters rival LCD screen. At 640 x 360 pixels, resolution is good and the on board accelerometer chip flips the display into glorious widescreen when the phone is held in the horizontal position. This is perfect for the viewing of video footage on the phone, whether this has been downloaded or filmed on the phone itself.

A major talking point with the Nokia E7 is the new version 3 of the ever improving Symbian operating system. This latest effort is an attempt to rival the likes of Android and iApple who have taken so much of the market share over the past few years. Looks wise, the interface has been revamped to offer the user the choice of multiple homescreens. These screens are fully customisable, giving the user opportunity to add theirs own shortcuts and applications. The Ovi Store is where you will find a host of apps available to download, and the range currently available is growing by the day. A 680Mhz processor is the chip that keeps things running at a very quick pace on the E7, regardless whether you are utilising the on board media features or browsing the web. Connection options are extensive, so whilst on the move a good connection can usually be achieved thanks to 3G, EDGE and GPRS options being available. The ultimate experience however is whilst connected to a WiFi network, thanks to Wireless LAN being incorporated. The Nokia E7 is a high end smartphone which could well attract its own little corner of the market thanks to the brave decision to include both a large screen as well as a full Qwerty keypad.

The Nokia E7 and the LG Optimus Chic are coming soon.

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