A Roaring Lion and a Scorpion on the Rock

Leo and Scorpio – Getting Along

The Lion and The Scorpion

Scorpio is Water and Fixed. Leo is Fire and Fixed. This manifests itself differently in each. These are two of the most powerful fixed signs and like two gunslingers moving into the same Wild West town, they nod at each other, a kind of salute and give respect. But this is about love and compatibility and getting along, not about six guns. So, they are going to have to actually like each other too. Given the right charts, we must assume that they are strongly attracted to one another and that their destiny is to try to make something new happen. What do they have that works? Their intensity and inner animus is resident in both of these signs. As long as they keep separate bank accounts and map out delineations of responsibility, these two might take over the world, or at least conceive of it.

While Scorpio takes residence inside their awesome selves and self possession, the Leo prances with grace and often gets the admiration of others. While the Leo sees Scorpio, not having to make outer displays, as something that they wish they had. Sometimes the Lion is full of bravado, and their strut is more theatre than seriousness. So, you can see how they have a mutual admiration society, and you can also see how they could benefit from each other’s company. However many on the receiving end of these two would say that Leo does not need help from Scorpio to get more bold, and Scorpio hardly needs advice on how to be even more intimidating. That might be true, but all signs have lacks and if these two got together, they just might empower each other substantially. They also might limit each other; for a look at these two tells you that someone will have to follow much of the time. If these two stay together, they are going to have to learn to cooperate, salute, back off and maybe even apologize. This is the kind of union that requires a little deconstruction before they get reconstruction.

Positive Postulate: A positive way of constructing the design of this relationship is to say that without too much struggle they are going to be a pair that grabs attention. A couple, company, or marriage, they will be able to grow together, get noticed together, and leave in their wake the awareness in others that they are an unforgettable couple. The key will be their ability to weave together a cooperative entity that can live on its own. Leo could brag about the competence and poise of their partner. Scorpio could stand firmly and grin as their Leo poses for appreciation.

Romance Recommendation: Romance for these two would be a wonderful challenge. Pulling in their stingers and paws, piling up pillows for the harmonic tunes that they could play together, they could find in the wonderfully human ritual of surrendering to each other, the magic of softening the soul for growth.

Conflict Quotient: Leo the Lion can whip its paws with speed and alacrity, and not be emotional about it. Scorpio knows that conflict is right there on the end of its stinger. These weapons, while able to win the day in the battle of survival, are not really recommendable for people in love, or in even those who just like each other. These two probably need to think of conflict as less natural to their style and something that would only be used as a road to resolution.

Peace Parlay: Life in the end is repetitive and mundane, and so is Romance itself. This factor asks the question: “Can we be bored together over the long term?” Leo, being prone to self-satisfaction could slip into a boring mode and have a lessening desire to demonstrate its prowess. Scorpio might help them work against this tendency and try to initiate new more deeply imagined ideas that are not boring. The general character description here would not predict slipping into a boring life.

Keep Up The Interest Graph: As things get predictable, interest wanes, and successful couples need to infuse freshness into their coupling. The battle for winning the day of ideas and policies could even slip into the “let’s make our life more interesting” topic. Scorpio might agree to a Leo idea to freshen the agenda.

Seven Year Itchiness: There are some signs that by their nature are more stable in their love interests and family concerns as time goes on. Others are not. Leo could proudly storm out if ego was over stimulated. Scorpio, knowing that infidelity is the opt-out mechanism for the battle of romance, would consider in or before the 7th year, if the Leo appeared to be in a state where, in Scorpio’s mind, this was a viable solution.

ASTROCOMPATIBILITY POSSIBILITY RATING: 60% Positive Long Term – 70% Short Term. Scorpio and Leo could enjoy initial fireworks. Even though this is a really complicated match with strong and difficult signs, the match could produce some fascinating results. Years down the road, it could still be real; though it would mean much work and struggle and swallowing of pride.

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