A Room with a View at the Diplomatic Hotel

The Diplomatic Hotel stand out among the buildings of Mendoza. Nineteen  floors make it one of the tallest buildings of the city. The Presidential Suite is located on the 15th floor. You can get an awesome view of Mendoza and its surroundings from there. Mendoza has grown horizontally, rather than vertically. There are not many tall buildings because Mendoza is on rather active land, prone to earthquakes. The Andean Chain is right at sight from the upper floors of the Hotel.

Mendoza has great places to walk by while in the city. Right on Plaza Independencia, there is a wonderful Craftsmen Fair, similar to the one on the Paseo Mitre. You will be able to appreciate the best of Argentine typical items. The Modern Art Museum is another must see. There is a permanent exhibition devoted to the art of Mendoza from 1930 to the present, including painting,s ceramics, drawings, sculptures, etc. The Temporary Exhibitions Rooms holds cultural events all year long. The Print Gallery includes an amazing Woodcut Library that cannot be missed.

Park General San Martín is a place to visit during several days. You can rent a boat in the big lake that the Park holds. It is over 1 km long by 100 meters wide. It’s not too deep, just about 2 meters. The Island of Lovers is in the middle of the lake. Inside the same park, you must visit the Cerro de la Gloria. In the Cerro de la Gloria stands a fantastic piece dedicated to General José de San Martín, sculpted by J.M. Ferrari, a Uruguayan sculptor. The base is made of stone brought from the mountains. There is also an equestrian figure of St. Martin, with his arms folded across his chest looking into infinity. Six granadiers on the left symbolize the departure of San Martín soldiers, while the six on the right evoke the triumphal arrival of the soldiers. The number six is not random, it represents the number of steps the granadiers needed to complete their campaign. Around the pedestal are three main friezes depicting scenes of the preparation of crossing the ridge. Take a look outside the window of your room at the Diplomatic Hotel, pick a direction, and start walking. There are many things to be seen at Mendoza, a wonderful and beautiful city.