A Secure Home Means a Better Vacation

One of the biggest problems people have while they are on vacation is that they cannot turn off their brain and leave thoughts of home alone. There is constant concern over whether or not the stove was turned off or the front door was locked, in addition to a whole laundry list of other things that might have gone wrong. While it may not be possible to rid a person of all of their anxiety while on vacation, whether it be work or life related, giving someone peace of mind regarding their house is a very doable task. One of the best things a person can do to improve the security of their house both while they are there and away is to install a home security system.

Knowing that there is a security system protecting the well being of a person’s home should offer them a greater sense of peace when they are away on vacation. In addition to a home security system, people should take a few extra precautionary steps before heading off for some rest and relaxation. Firstly, it is a very good idea to let a trusted neighbor know that the family will be out of town. Having a neighbor pick up the mail and newspapers as well as have an extra key to the house is a great way to give the house a lived in appearance.

Also, when someone knows a family will be out of town, they are more likely to keep an eye on the house, looking for any suspicious behavior or people around. It is also a much better idea to entrust a spare key to a good neighbor rather than hide it under a doormat or rock since an experienced burglar will most likely know all of the popular hiding spots. If a person does not particularly know or trust any of their neighbors then they should try and put a hold on their mail and newspapers so they do not pile up on the front door while they are away. A pile of newspapers is an immediate indicator that no one has been home for a while and that they will most likely not be coming home soon. Making sure the house looks occupied is essential to home security while the occupants are away.

Setting up lights throughout the house that are hooked up to timers is another excellent way to give the house a lived in appearance. Lights going on and off throughout the house periodically mimics the movement of people from room to room. There are even devices that can simulate the light of a television, or even place the television on a timer as well to make it look as if someone is watching TV. It is also very important that people not leave an answering machine message that tells anyone who calls that the family is away on vacation and the phone ringer should be limited to just three to four rings. All of these little details play a role in home security while people are on vacation.