A Shower Cabinet: A Home Fashion Statement

Fashion is a statement. This is how we do also to our house. Choosing house fixtures, furniture, wardrobes have to be complement to each other. The same way with our interior designs. Each part of the house has its own unique features. This is now the trend that goes with the time. The newest style in a classique ambiance is always a priority for home builders.

When we hear the word cabinet, it is usually referred to as a storage. And I guess, most of us would associate it to cabinets, cupboards, etc. However, there are word usage that could differentiate to the technical aspect where the word is being used.

Originally the word closet is referred to a small space occupying a certain area of the house that gives a little privacy in the household. In the past, like the European, North American and Commonwealth regions, closet or cabinets is already interchangeable in usage.

Building a home is quite expensive these days. Architectural designs is more elaborate than the conventional past. The present trend in constructions is now simply amazing and more builder friendly. That’s what we call pre-fabricated and easy to install. Much more pre-fabricated installations are now available even in the malls. Shower enclosures can be molded PVC, aluminum, steel, fiber glass, or even treated wood panels. Its your choice that will suite your taste and budget in terms of house fashion.

Architectural designs is gearing up to the 21st century trend and demand for a more luxurious features.

There are different brands available in the market today which is ready to install. Fixed with high quality materials and sophisticated installations such as motion detection sensor, steam emission for hot sauna bath, hot and cold shower faucet, and mind you there are lights and sound within the shower closet. This shower closet is made of molded pvc glass casing, aluminum steel and high quality plastic materials. That kind of shower cabinet is more expensive than that of a conventional shower.

Conventional shower closets is a little bit away from the new trend. They are using high quality ceramic tiles and aluminum casing with glass paneling. This kind of shower closet is a little inexpensive because of the cost of materials. In this kind of shower closet, color harmony and design is the only factor that can compete to the high end one.

Shower cabinets is now customized according to the needs and fixtures the owner opted to have. Its space saving and elegantly describes the people who tend to enjoy the features. The standard size of a shower cabinet is 5×8 feet with standard feature of a bathtub, a toilet and lavatory. Other amenities inside is an additional feature for person with disability.

Safety should also be considered in choosing the materials for the shower closet like anti-slip materials, special in the flooring and handles which is non-corrosive and evasive to sensitive user of the room. Proper ventilation and exhaust should also be provided for sanitation purposes. In general, our shower closet is considered as the refreshing part of our abode. SABUNG AYAM