A Sporting Opportunity – Lumpinee Boxing Stadium

Sporting aficionados are confident to take pleasure in a Muay Thai boxing bout at the Lumpinee Stadium Bangkok one particular of seven stadiums devoted to advertising the sport in Thailand. The action right here is typically cracking and the atmosphere is great and noisy with Thai background music adding to the cacophony. Thai boxing matches according to the stadium’s rules are held here each and every Tuesday, Friday and Saturday between flyweight and super welterweight boxers who weigh between 111 to 154 pounds. The very best and most high-priced seats are the ringside ones which provide a close up of the action in the ring. Nonetheless it is what takes location amongst the fans in the more affordable seats at the back that contribute to the tone of the events.

The stadium is one of the few areas in Thailand where gambling is permitted. Betting is done with hand signals the misinterpretation of which leads to fights amongst noisy fans which sometime have a tendency to rival the action in the ring. Adding to the character is the excitement amongst the households of the boxers and the actions of the corner men in the ring as they egg their boxers on. Thai beer is offered by the bucket load and is served at the seats. The wait staff makes positive that fans have a beer in their hand at all occasions. Attending a Thai boxing bout is a need to for any person visiting the Thai capital even if it is to just soak up the great atmosphere. The fights start off around 6 pm and according to the pros it is very best to wait till the end as the title fights take spot later in the evening. At the moment five promoters have been charged with the responsibility of staging fights at the stadium. Muay Thai champions who have fought right here contain numerous foreigners.

The Lumpinee Boxing Stadium established in 1956 is a wonderful symbol of Muay Thai boxing and fighters who win here are regarded as some of the greatest in the nation. Run by the Thai army it is not only credited with making Thai boxing stars but also with promoting the Thai style of boxing.

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