A Symbol for the Vigilant and the Virtuous – Tiananmen Square

The bustling city of Beijing, formerly identified as Peking, is the administrative capital and second most populous city of China. Located in Northern China, Beijing serves as the hub of China’s political, cultural and educational spheres, although also becoming a city recognized for its grand heritage, historic landmarks and structures.

Of the several iconic landmarks in Beijing, there are none much more historically and culturally symbolic as Tiananmen Square. Serving as the third biggest city square in the planet, this legendary landmark is greatest known for the number of important and revolutionary events which have taken place here, which have had an immense influence on the history and culture of China.

Initially built as the Tiananmen Gate which led to the legendary Forbidden City of China in 1415, the Tiananmen Square was truly built in 1651, which thereafter led to the plaza gradually growing size until it reached the size it is these days. Today this renowned site spreads more than a vast area of over 444,000m2, effectively over four times its original size. Nevertheless the accurate popularity of the square comes not by way of its lengthy history, but by means of the several revolutionary and substantial events that took location here. Some of its far more popular events were the 1919 May Fourth Movement, the Proclamation of the People’s Republic of China by the eminent Mao Zedong which occurred on the 1st of October 1959, and the Tiananmen Square Protests of 1976. The most well identified occasion at this square was the Tiananmen Square Protest of 1989, exactly where a peaceful student protest ended in bloodshed, when the Chinese military opened fire on the protesters top to the massacre of more than 400 protesters. Right now the square is a peaceful place and is house to the Renmin Yinxiong Jinian Bei, a monument committed to the “People’s Heroes”, and the Chairman Mao Memorial Hall, a museum of history and revolution. This square serves as a symbol to these who dare to take a stand, and for that reason have to be visited by all who check out Beijing.

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Sabung Ayam
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Sabung Ayam