A Weekend in Amsterdam – A Smart Choice

Amsterdam, Netherland’s capital city, is a hub of the country’s commercial and financial activities. A tradition of music, theatre and drama also makes it a cultural capital. It’s no wonder then that it possesses a vibrant night life, a reason strong enough to make your weekend in amsterdam special in every way.

Amsterdam is a truly multi-cultural city with people of almost every religion in the world residing here. The society as a result is an extremely tolerant one. The city is always eager to welcome you with open arms. Here is what you can do to make your amsterdam weekend a time to remember. There are several places to visit in Amsterdam.

a) Van Gogh Museum – As the name suggests, the artistic masterpieces of the great Van Gogh are on display here. You would love to immerse yourself in the lovely paintings as you remember all you have read in your history books. b) Paradiso – A centre hosting live music and concert along with club music. This is a place to be in if you want to spend your time drowned in music all the while. c) Melkweg – One of the premier nightclubs with nightlong music and dance for some erotic entertainment to arouse your senses. d) Anne Frank House – This is where Anne Frank wrote her famous “The Diary of Anne Frank”. Get a feel of the place where such a famous writer stayed. e) RijkMuseum – A collection of 17th century works of Rembrandt and Vermeer can be seen here. This is bound to give you visual delight as you wonder at their talent.

You can never miss the splendid architecture in Amsterdam. De Jonge Dikkert, once a proud old stone windmill has now been turned into a restaurant in South Amsterdam. As you walk down the streets, you can marvel at the beauty of the arches and the buildings which will make you stop and take a note about the rich culture of this place. Amsterdam is also a great place to enjoy some great food. The bartenders here are quite knowledgeable about different kinds of bars and if they find you taking interest in the topic, they can go on full throttle explaining to you about the variety of each one of them and their historical perspective. If you are in the city center, you can find some notable restaurants and bars in Greetje and Q’s Café in the south. Local sandwiches and beers are a specialty of this place hard to find anywhere else in the region. Sadly, Amsterdam is linked more often than not to marijuana, prostitution and an ultra-tolerant atmosphere regarding controlled substances. Amsterdam as you know by now has great things to show you in the form of its culture and people. Natural beauty, good food and a remarkable architecture are the cornerstones on which this city thrives. The myth that exists is in itself a myth and there is no better way to find out than to pack your bags and head straight to this place.