A White Lie

A young man had scars on his face due to a fire accident when he was young. After he graduated, he went out looking for work. Due to his scars, many companies were not willing to hire him. One time he read an article on the internet. The article was about a girl who also had scars on her face due to an accident. She posted a message on the internet asking people to donate money for her to fix her scars through plastic surgery. Many good hearted people donated and her scars were healed in the end.

The young man thought about it and came up with some ideas. He created a false identity as a girl and posted the same kind of message on the internet. He even posted a picture of a girl and asked someone to use Photoshop to make her look like she burnt her face. He said he needed $ 5,000 for his surgery. Finally, he posted his e-mail address and his bank account.

Everyday, he went to check his bank account to see if anyone donated. After a few weeks, nobody donated any money to him. He felt discouraged. One day, he checked the bank account and saw an extra $ 5,000 in it. He was shocked. He asked the bank who put in this money but it was anonymous. So he took the money and went to get the surgery. The surgery was a success and he no longer had any scar on his face. After the surgery, he finally found a job. It was well paid and he even ended up being a sales manager. Even up to this day he never forgot about the good hearted person who donated the money.

Finally one day, in his e-mail inbox the good hearted person gave him an address. So he immediately made plans to go for a visit. When he arrived at the address, he was shocked. The truth is that this good hearted person had cancer and was about to die. She didn’t use her money for her own illness but instead gave it to the young man. It’s because she had a daughter who also had scars due to an accident – and her daughter committed suicide because they didn’t have enough money for her surgery.

The young man felt regret after hearing her story but he didn’t tell her the truth that he created a false identity as a girl. He was afraid it would cause the woman pain to hear the truth. However, he decided to take her to a hospital to cure her cancer and pay for whatever the cost in return to repay her. He also thought about finding that girl whom he used her picture online when he asked for the donation. After a long search, he found that girl online. He told everything to the girl. The girl felt angry about him using her picture. But for the good hearted woman’s sake, she decided to go visit her in the hospital with the young man and acted as if she had gone through a successful surgery. Eventually, the young girl lost her anger for the young man and they fell in love with each other.