A Wonderful Partnership Between A Wife And Husband

The love of a husband should be selfless and should allow his wife to follow her heart. When that desire happens to be a medical career instead of a mink coat, there’s where you separate the men from the boys. With his deep love for his wife, he puts her to medical school.

His view is, he would have always maintained that just because a woman is married, her life doesn’t end right there. She should be supported on whatever makes her a better woman and spouse. He knows that his wife has become a greater woman and spouse all thanks to the career she has.

He is so ready to unleash the needed moral and financial support for this belief and not many know about this. This bright young man with sentimental brown eyes opened his own business thanks to his hairstyling abilities. The pocketbook as well as the emotions carried the burdens from this decision.

It called for a 300 mile distance between the husband and wife. A lot of women who are married are not prioritized by coed medical schools’ admission boards in the area so his wife had to go to Philadelphia which had a medical school for women that accepted her.

It would be stupid to forsake his thriving business even when he badly wanted to be with her in Philadelphia. The only baby around Norfolk who is born with a medical degree is their darling little 10 month old daughter, he shares. His wife was three months on the way when she got her degree in medicine.

She is at De Paul Hospital again where she had her internship for now she is taking her residency in pathology. Making up for lost time, this lady is also preparing for the arrival of their second child due in just a few months.

The ugly head of their money problems frequently visited them while she was studying medicine. Two households were kept by Kenny. Kenny paid an astronomical price for the phone bills.

She oftentimes would feel lonesome for him and questioned if what she was doing was worth everything she and her husband were going through so she would call him up. Those pep talks of her husband’s kept her going. If not for him, I wouldn’t have made it, she shares.

So that he can see his wife often, this hardworking hairdresser flies to Philadelphia. It has truly been hard for them, shares her husband. She had forty hours in her hand during her internship but she only gets to spend 8 hours of it at home.

She loved the fact that she would be the one to care for the baby as soon as the maid leaves. She states that if fathers were forced to be involved in caring for their kids, then they will inevitably become closer.

It was the doting dad who bathed their precious newborn. His wife spoke about he was able to take over everything since they came from the hospital. His way of doing it looked like he was a natural at it.

The truth is that he was even nervous when I began to help. She discloses that she works in a daytime schedule and a nearly regular one at that, too.

The hours are longer than most people work, but I get home for dinner and the evening with my husband and the baby. Once you’re doing what you love best, you won’t go searching for anything else. SABUNG AYAM