Abyssal Sire Was Confirmed To Be A Solo Boss In Rs 2007

Abyssal Sire is coming soon, there is no doubt that many of you will wonder if this boss is a solo boss or a team boss. Jagex just have confirmed that Abyssal Sire is going to be a solo boss. Are you satisfied with the news? Since you will have to fight this boss on your own once it has been released, hurry up to stock up enough old school runescape gold to welcome the boss. It is wise for you to buy runescape 07 gold on RSorder. RSorder always offers plenty of safe and cheap rs 07 gold.

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OSRS is in need of a team boss currently

Jagex has released two solo bosses this year, so few players have a demand of a team boss. OSRS is a MMO game and this makes team content very necessary since a team boss will make the game more of a social experience. So it can be much better if there is a team boss in old school runescape. However, playing the game with others makes it hard to get enough experience, and you will need more runescape 07 gold sometimes. In this case, you can visit RSorder to buy some cheap runescape 2007 gold. RSorder guarantee that you can get osrs gold in 10 minutes after you have placed an order.

Jagex confirmed sire to be a solo boss & gave some reasons

Many players want Abyssal Sire to be a solo boss since they don’t want to take down a boss with others or share the loots with others. Besides, the 85 slayer requirement for Abyssal Sire will appeal more people to join in it and this may make Cerberus less crowded. Thus, these two solo bosses get balanced in Old School Runescape. So Abyssal Sire is not going to be a multiple slayer boss. And it is likely that Jagex would release a new team boss in the future. Though the detail drop table of Abyssal Sire hasn’t been revealed yet, it surely will drop an Abyssal Bludgeon and an Abyssal Dagger. So you need to prepare enough runescape?2007?gold to kill the boss if you want to get these two weapons.

You must have 85 slayer to defeat the Abyssal Sire, so just work hard to go for this level if you have not achieved this level yet. You need to gain more runescape 2007 gold to enhance your in-game character. If you want to buy runescape 2007 gold, RSorder can be the best place for you. You can even get free OSRS gold by joining the Pandora’s Box activity on RSorder.


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