Accelerant On Polyester Epoxy Powder Coatings – A Promoter, Polyester Epoxy Powder Coating, Paint –

HC coating Network News: Abstract: The variety of different promoters on Polyester Epoxy Powder Coatings and coating properties, the same promoter in different varieties of varieties of prepared polyester resin powder coating and polyester epoxy coating properties, and different amount of catalyst on the same polyester epoxy powder coating and film properties. By selecting the appropriate accelerator species, the amount of resin with a suitable species matching, can achieve the appropriate response to powder coating activity and excellent mechanical properties of coating.

Key words: promoter; polyester resin; Polyester Epoxy Powder Coatings
1 Introduction Polyester epoxy powder coating is well known by the polyester resin, epoxy resin, fillers and additives and other components. In the additive composition, in addition to common leveling agent, dispersant, degassing agents, loose outside agent, in order to meet the reactivity of powder coating, which is required to meet the conditions of curing curing curing accelerator added to coated membrane performance to the user’s requirements. Along with the rapid development of industrial Powder Coating, to meet the needs of a variety of uses, development of polyester resin and epoxy resin are many varieties can basically meet the general needs, but it does not fully meet the special purpose needs. Polyester powder coating resins in the development of species, although to be adding different amount of curing accelerator, but because of the proximity of raw materials and production units, product prices, resin compatibility, and many other reasons do not find the ideal resin species should be considered varieties of the familiar activity of resin adjusted for use in the formulation of specific measures is to add accelerator. In the powder coating formulations to promote the agent’s main role is to improve resin and curing agent (or resin) in response to activity and increased film-forming properties of the curing reaction rate, or shorten the curing time, or adjust the gel time powder coating and melt level mobility. In polyester epoxy powder coating system used in many accelerator species, common species of metal oxides (zinc oxide), tertiary amine (imidazole), quaternary ammonium (Bian base ammonium chloride), quaternary ammonium salt (? salt) and so on. Understand the different varieties of the same accelerator preparation of polyester resin, epoxy polyester powder coating and film properties; the same variety of enhancers on the same factory, different manufacturers or different types of polyester resin, polyester epoxy powder preparation paint and coating properties; promoter of different dosage of the same preparation of polyester resin powder coatings and coating properties, etc., polyester powder coating for the design, selection of varieties and amount of accelerator, select varieties of polyester resin of great significance. This in research.

2 Test section 2.1 Test apparatus and equipment
Test equipment with laboratory twin-screw extruder, mill, electrostatic powder spraying equipment; machines have color difference meter, gel time and melt mobility analyzer, refrigerator, coating gloss and impact strength test etc. .

2.2 Test materials Raw materials are: polyester resin, -1, -2 polyester resin, polyester resin, -3, -4 polyester resin, epoxy resin E-12, promoter -1 (imidazole), promoter -2 (imidazoline), for agents -3 (? salt), titanium dioxide R940, precipitated barium sulfate, leveling agent, dispersant, in addition to gas agents and other additives.

2.3 Test methods
Powder coating formulations by weighing, the preparation of a general powder coating method, “melt extrusion Sieving crushed (180 mesh)” prepared powder coatings, powder coatings and determination of gel time and the melting level mobility, in 0.5mm cold rolled steel plate, respectively, by electrostatic spray after 180 , 190 , 200 curing 15min, testing film properties. SABUNG AYAM