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Reporter Zhang Zirui National nuclear power development speed Last week’s “nuclear energy for the twenty-first century, the International Ministerial Conference” From the news, the Chinese government is planning to adjust the long-term nuclear power development plan for the rapid development of nuclear power speed. National Development and Reform Commission deputy director, National Energy Secretary Zhang said: “The state is now to adjust long-term nuclear power development plan, strengthening of coastal nuclear power development, scientific planning and construction of inland nuclear power, nuclear power accounts for 2020 and strive to power ratio of the total installed capacity more than 5%. “

Published in 2007 under the “long-term nuclear power development plan (2005-2020),” China’s nuclear power development goals by 2020, nuclear power’s share of the total installed power generating capacity from time to less than 2% to 4 %. Clearly, the national goal of 4% will be increased by one percentage point.

Nuclear power industry, an analyst on the “China Energy Report,” told reporters that the country’s attitude to nuclear power through the “proper development”, “positive development”, “developing” stages. This is the nuclear power industry, the state’s support is very important. Can be expected in the next few years will be the golden period of China’s nuclear power development.

National Engineering Division Director Paul with the IAEA, said, aiming a few years of economic growth, is now precisely adjust the energy structure of the time. Financial crisis led to a global recession, while a drop in demand for energy or energy demand growth slowed. On the other hand, not only affect the total, also affected the structure. “Because nuclear power is a large investment projects, we have nuclear power as an important step in stimulating domestic demand, the Chinese government launched a massive four trillion yuan of investment plans, among them hundreds of billions invested in nuclear power, this in itself a measure against the crisis. “

Nuclear experts, vice chairman of China Energy Research Society Zhou Xiaoqian told the “China Energy Report” reporter, energy future development pattern is the traditional fossil energy, renewable energy, nuclear-third of the world. Compared to solar energy, nuclear energy is the only large-scale use of clean energy. To develop nuclear power, not only focus on the current domestic demand, more long-term significance.

Local competition for nuclear power business

Addition to the state’s positive attitude towards nuclear power development, the local enthusiasm for building nuclear power stations is also very high. Undoubtedly, China’s nuclear power plant construction has entered the fast lane. National Register of nuclear power nuclear industry consulting engineer, Nuclear and New Energy Technology Research Institute Dr. Zhu Shutang have to the local nuclear power plant projects for a number of provinces and cities to provide technical advice. He believes that the enthusiasm of the local construction of nuclear power plants is very high. According to his words, “simply and have launched a few years ago around the almost the same thermal power station project.”

Even by the “long-term nuclear power development plan (2005-2020)” level of development, by 2020, China’s nuclear power installed capacity to reach 40 million kilowatts to run. It started 15 years construction and commissioning of new nuclear power construction scale roughly estimated total demand for nuclear power projects of about 450 billion yuan of funds.

Addition to nuclear power plant construction has been leader of the Guangdong, Zhejiang and other outside the province, Other Several provinces have also joined the race for nuclear power plant construction. Even in Hunan, Hubei, Jiangxi and Anhui provinces in the project has recently launched a nuclear power race, join battle invested 450 billion yuan China’s nuclear power “cake” in the ranks.

Industry told reporters, after completion of the considerable proceeds from nuclear power plants, but also to upstream and downstream industries can have a great driving effect. This will have great appeal to local governments. According to Shanghai Electric Group the sources, nuclear power will accelerate the development of Shanghai Electric, Dongfang Electric, Harbin Power Equipment manufacturers such as significant amount of money.

Need to overcome the bottleneck

Zhou Xiaoqian that the current rapid development of more nuclear power embodied in the planning and approval speed. SABUNG AYAM