Accomplishing A Lot In A Little Time

Some time a while back, I mentioned that if you wanted to know how to lose weight quickly, that you should try to get better cardio. You should do this because not only do your breathing get better, but your heart is healthier, your lungs stronger, and you lose a lot more weight. All this happens because the kind of work that builds good cardio makes you burn a lot of calories, too. When you burn a lot of calories, you lose a lot of weight quickly.

But remember as I’ve said many times – traditionally slow, long cardio isn’t the best way to work out. Instead, I’ve always said that circuit training is great at building cardio, but I know there are some that might not believe it.

So lets look at why it is.

If you do circuit training, it’s got to be done the right way, and that would include:

-all the right types of movements

-you do everything in the proper sequence

-you use the proper resistance for the given number of sets and reps

-the correct type of ‘active rest’ (i.e. – the movement/activity you do *during* your rest breaks)

-and more

This kind of training is tons better than normal cardio.

It’s a lot more intense than stuff like jogging, using a treadmill, or whatever (other types of slower “distance”- based cardio). Youre going to burn many more calories during a workout thats the same length (i.e. you’ll end up burning a lot more calories during the same 30 minutes doing a circuit training workout than you would a regular cardio workout).

Since the training session is so much harder, your metabolism stays “jacked up”, and you burn calories for a long time after you’re finished training (called “EPOC”)…you get a lot more results from the same time put in.

And this is something that regular cardio just doesn’t accomplish.

There are also a lot of things that circuit training does that regular ‘cardio’ doesn’t:

-you won’t burn out your nervous system like HIIT (interval training) can many times do

-much easier on your joints because there’s not an excessive amount of repetition being done

-you work the upper body as much as you do the lower body (name me a regular cardio workout that targets the upper body?)

-you also build muscle (and muscle takes more calories to maintain “at rest” – when not training – so you’re using up extra calories and even losing weight when you don’t work out)

Want me to keep going? I could if you needed me to…for quite a while. However, you probably know what I mean by now…if you want to know how to lose weight quickly, then circuit training is the kind of workout you need to be thinking about doing. You just end up getting a lot more benefits for not a whole lot of time. SABUNG AYAM