Acer and Founder: Mergering, or Cooperation?

August 4th, Founder put forward a notice that founder and Acer has signed the cooperative contract in sales system, brand, production, team work and so on. This news has attracts more attention since 2007 that one CEO of Acer mentioned the merger with a mainland company to strengthen its market in China.

As Founder is the second biggest PC production company in the mainland. Itâeuro™s stable in the mainland market and the brand influence just below Lenovo. Thus Acer has some big actions like purchasing the third biggest PC Company Gateway and conquering the Europe PC company PackardBell, then the founder in China.  By the way, my 2200 AC Adapter is Gateway. that belonged to Acer, too. That is to say founder with 20 yearsâeuro™ history will be changed by Acer since this year. Itâeuro™s good or bad, different people hold different viewpoints. But for Lenovo, they are really calm about this issue. They are confidence of its mainland market. By the way, Lenovo has take steps in the worldwide market. Itâeuro™s said that this year Lenovo has purchasing the Brazil PC company. Whatever the Chinese market, or the international market, they have faced severe competition to survive. For founder their chairman will take over the CEO of the Acer mainland company. Thus for the detail cooperative regulations, I havenâeuro™t notice that, I , as a customer am more concerned about the quality and price of the laptop instead of the deals between companies.

As the Chinese saying goes âeuroœbusiness market is like the war fieldâeuro. Nowadays those big brand companies come to find cooperative partners to get larger sum of cake in its field. In the war field, the stronger contols the weak and hold more speak right.  Later when you buy a Founder laptop, itâeuro™s Acer now. You will see more and more products belong to Acer in the near future. Or some day, there is one  laptop producer. Who knows?