Acne Prone Skin Can Be Treated And Maintained

Nobody wants to have acne. Many people spend copious amounts of time fighting acne. We spend tons of money on products that are supposed to give us better and acne free skin. Sadly, for some of us, acne problems do not always go away with when we are done with puberty. Some of us have to fight against breakouts for our entire lives. This article has a few tips for people who are forced to fight against acne and breakouts–give some of them a try!

Take it easy on your face when you wash it. Don’t scrub! Putting too much pressure on your face when you wash can take off layers of the skin and leave it vulnerable to oil and breakouts. Sure it will feel super clean for a while but you could accidentally do some serious harm to the very sensitive (and easily injured) skin on your face! You don’t want to have scrubbing scars do you? You need to have a firm but gentle touch when you wash your face. This sounds harder than it actually is. After you wash your face take a look at it–if it is bright red then you used too much pressure. Bright red is not okay, but you do want to have a little bit of a flushed look. A healthy sheen is a good goal, but don’t’ make yourself look like a shiny beet. Try wearing less makeup or choosing a brand that makes cosmetics out of lighter materials. Cut down on the number of products you cake on your face by buying a foundation and other types of makeup that have sunscreen in them. There is even healthy makeup now that has been infused with different vitamins and minerals that are good for your skin. Don’t base your make up choices on price alone. Try not to smear on more makeup than you really need. You want to wear the lightest amount of makeup that you can get away with. It is still possible to look great even though you aren’t wearing dozens of layers of product! It is incredibly important for the health of your skin that you go to bed with a clean (and makeup free) face. Leaving it on overnight is almost guaranteed to cause breakouts and acne!

If you do wake up to an acne flare up, do not let yourself pick at your face! Acne should not ever be subject to picking or squeezing. It is always better to leave a breakout alone. You are still allowed to wash your face and treat your breakout with some acne fighters but do not pick at your face or try to pop any of the pimples. Sometimes acne will take a little bit of time to heal. Which would you prefer to face? A pimple on your face for a couple of days or a pimple scar for the rest of your life? Keeping your hands to yourself and making sure to keep your face clean are two of the most basic and most reliable ways to cure an acne breakout. Other breakouts will require you to use something a little bit more powerful than a basic cleanser. You should be happy to know that while acne does not discriminate against age, neither do acne fighting agents-you should be able to find something to cure your breakout no matter what your number is.