Acupuncture Provides Immediate & Effective Cure for Chronic Back Pain

Do you suffer from chronic back pain? It’s no walk in the park. In fact, it can be quite debilitating. All those trips to specialists, going through expensive rehab and taking medications while dealing with the pain can be quite an ordeal. The good news is, there are new and better alternatives that offer relief from this kind of pain. Acupuncture for Back Pain is now available in Chinese Medicine Clinics near you.


Traditional Chinese Medicine studies and makes use of the pathology and physiology of the human body. Basic TCM boasts of two fundamental features: holistic visions and treating identified causes. TCM does not regard disease in the same way that western medicine does.


Although our body organs have different functions, they do work in conjunction. When these regular bodily functions are disrupted, diseases occur. Acupuncture stimulates the body’s external areas. TCM also claims that when a person’s environment is altered in any way, there are corresponding changes in the body rhythm as well.


According to TCM, the body organs have an interrelationship, which is attuned with the environment. Long-term TCM practitioners explain that several factors result in an imbalance in a person’s body. TCM gives clinical indications by examining the symptoms of the person’s disorders. Through these symptoms, causative factors may be diagnosed.


Fundamental Patterns of Traditional Chinese Medicine


TCM does not label or diagnose disorders and diseases in the same manner that western medicine does. According to TCM, a prostate problem is caused by dampness; hence, this disorder is treated according to its identified root cause. Blood and liver disorders cause migraines. A practitioner of TCM diagnoses the disorders based on the patterns which they manifest. The eight fundamental patterns are: yin and yang, deficiency, excess, cold or heat, exterior and interior. TCM says that disorders in the spirit, body and mind are dictated by these patterns.


Herbs play an important role in Chinese medicine, and the correct choice can help cure an ailment. There are in excess of 50,000 herbs that may be found in China, but only a small percentage of this is used. Western medicine says that herbal use could be insufficient in treating ailments, but the truth is, the use of synthetic drugs is even more harmful. It is true that not all organic and natural substances are safe.  Another essential part of TCM is Acupuncture. This is a science that is as ancient as Traditional Chinese Medicine. The Chinese people and other Asian regions swear by its effectiveness.


Chronic back pain is oftentimes caused by a psychosomatic or perpetuated process. As we all know, western science seems unable to get rid of this ailment. An estimated $ 39B is spent by people who suffer from chronic back pain.


Acupuncture for Chronic Back Pain costs relatively less than western-type treatment, and provides significant relief from pain for a longer period. This type of TCM treatment is supported by studies and research. Nevertheless, in contrast with western medicine which offers back exercises, physical therapy, chiropractic care and medications, acupuncture is still most preferred by people who have tried it.