Add Bottled Ink To Your Gift Of A Fountain Pen This Holiday Season

Giving someone who enjoys writing or who is avidly involved in arts and crafts a fountain pen is a thoughtful gift that they will use for many years. The great news about quality fountain pens is that because they are designed to be refillable, this helps to extend the useful life of these great pens. But your gift recipient will be stopped short if you forget to add fountain pen inks along with the pen.

Ordinarily, with modern fountain pens, many of them allow you to refill the pen with ink cartridges. These plastic cases are specially designed to hold the ink, and each pen has a system in place to get the ink from the cartridge to the tip. However, prior to the development of the ink refill cartridge, writers and artists used bottled ink for fountain pens.

Each fountain pen manufacturer offers bottled ink in many different colors. You can find an ink bottle available for all the common colors such as black, blue and red, but other, more fanciful artistic ink bottle colors such as brown, green, purple and south sea blue are also available for your use.

There is something quite retro about going back to the older ways of doing things, and in this case, using a fountain pen in the classic way, with an ink bottle. It also looks wonderful if your home office is decorated in a vintage style, because you can keep the feel of the room intact by using historically accurate objects in it, in this case a fountain pen ink bottle.

You can use the bottled ink for fountain pens to refill your fountain pen. This can be done by filling it with an eyedropper, which has a precise tip that allows your to place the bottled ink where it needs to go inside the pen barrel. As you might imagine, that can produce a messy situation of ink dripping from the ink bottle onto clothing and other surfaces before it gets to its destination of the fountain pen barrel, but the advantage is that when a fountain pen is filled with way with a fountain pen ink bottle, the pen actually can hold more ink than if a pre-filled refill plastic cartridge is used.

You can use the ink bottle to fill a fountain pen with varying sized nibs. Fine, medium and wide-widths nibs allow you to use the bottled ink for fountain pens as a fluid that requires no pressure to get it to flow to the pen tip, making for a very pleasurable writing experience.

Bottled ink for fountain pens is available from fine writing instrument dealers online. SABUNG AYAM