Advantages Of A Career As A School Psychologist

When evaluating different career options, becoming a school psychologist may be one of the last options. A great deal has changed in the field of psychology in the past few years. Today, a career as a school psychologist is more promising than ever before. Here are a few reasons why you must choose the field.

The first and foremost reason for choosing any career option is money or remuneration. The same holds true for school psychologist as well. The average salary of school psychologist is anywhere between $ 60-80k. However, this salary package can be availed only by those who’ve minimum five to 6 years of experience. As your salary increases, your purchasing power too improves manifolds. This simply means that affording a yoga class will no longer be a problem for you.

School teachers, students and even the parents; look up to school psychologists for various problems like temper tantrums in young children or the trouble of smoking in adolescents. School psychologists help find a solution to such problems in children. It’s due to this reason that they earn a great level of respect in school setting and even beyond. So, the profession not only brings in money but respect too.

In case you want to enjoy a vacation each year, then this career is the way to go. Typically, school psychologists are on binding agreement for 210 times. Additionally, most of them do not work during the warm weather. So, you’re able to spend more time your family due to summer damage. Additionally, you could also go for a vacation with your pet . Nevertheless, you are able to pick to operate due to summer break if you want to earn some additional cash.

Besides enjoying a vacation, you also get to enjoy greater autonomy when you are in this field. Contrary to other typical professions, this one doesn’t need you to slog for a 8 hour or 9 hour shift. In some cases, psychologists are assigned two or more schools. So, you’re practically moving from one school to the other. This means that you are not in the constant scrutiny of the boss.

Last however not the least; you get to enjoy personal satisfaction, a criterion so elusive in majority of the professions. Being in this profession ensures that you can offer help to the needy in the best possible manner. You can relieve the students fighting with any form of emotional upheaval and depression; helping you experience personal satisfaction in return.

So, in case you desire to avail any of the given benefits, it is suggested to consider taking up career as a school psychologist.

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