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Continue Matsushita Kitchen appliances spread the news about delisting,
Samsung Microwave ovens Plant in Suzhou, China also was halted. Recently, the reporter from
States United States , Suning, and other retailers also noted that the five-star, LG microwave oven sales from direct marketing to agents and gradually

Home Appliances Withdrawal store sales manager. Why have foreign household appliances out of the market after the delisting of foreign appliance service who is going to be responsible?

Procurement center from Suning news, Panasonic
Water heater The only agent effective capital Beijing
Business Co., Ltd., according to Panasonic
Gas Water Heater Market sales have been taken to Withdraw action. Sized person Advertisement Promotion Department also told reporters: “Panasonic is currently operating on kitchen appliances to reduce all costs, but will focus on the

LCD TV In high-value products such as. “
Samsung Electronic Headquarters Public Relations Department of China Liu said frankly: “Samsung microwave ovens and Samsung LCD rear projection, it has been discontinued, these decisions are made by Samsung of each product division sales based products in China’s corporate strategy to make adjustments.”

Gome, Suning’s shopping center also confirmed, LG microwave oven stores the past few days in consultation with the new marketing mode: from direct to dealer sales. Meanwhile, LG microwave ovens are Gome, Suning, Dazhong and Yongle home appliance chain stores such as the gradual withdrawal of its sales management staff, in the future and the LG microwave oven home appliance chain will not enter into the direct sales contract, and replaced by LG microwave ovens in the area around the Agents co-operate with the home appliance chain.

This, the Chinese appliance Association Deputy Secretary-General Xu Dongsheng that the household appliance market in China 20 years of development to the rapid rise of local enterprises. “China’s household electrical appliance, electronics companies than foreign brands, the most obvious advantage is twofold: first, industrial scale, low cost; Second, the market reaction speed, flexibility and mobility. Coupled with China’s home appliances, electronics industry with R & D capabilities made great progress in the international home appliance, electronics industry more and more limited technical barriers. “” Made in China “not only in domestic and even international market is highly competitive, which naturally makes foreign brands in home appliances in the domestic market competition gradually shrinking.

The State Council Development Research Center, Lu Renbo that grab the market with domestic enterprises, so the scale is different from foreign brands get more attention to profits, unless absolutely necessary, they will not take the use of price wars and low-cost strategy.

As for the foreign service after the issue of delisting appliances, Xu Dongsheng that delisting products are generally too mature production technology, production of major products, so the quality pass, will not occur in the shelf life too quality problems. And Lu Renbo that, although there are some products delisting, but the brand did not withdraw from the market, these brands have been able to grow into an international brand, it is important for consumers in charge of its business, while sales of home appliance systems basically sound, fully capable of ensuring the basic repair and maintenance products demand, so consumers need not worry too much about service problems.

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