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With the world’s household electrical appliances production base in China,
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Industry thermostat demand is growing rapidly. “Recently, demands a lot of supply, we work overtime to complete orders every day.” This is the news on a particular day 19:00 thermostat dial a phone production plant are the answer.

Reporters, however, also further understand that as a mature-type product, mechanical thermostat itself is unlikely to recur breakthrough technological change. Material price increases in the production, procurement side kept prices down in the crevice, the temperature controller to maintain the profits of manufacturers increasingly thin. In addition, the temperature controller to communicate both supply and demand also exists the problem of convergence is not smooth. The face of the increasing market demand, how to resolve these problems has become the object of this interview reporters are most happy to talk about.

Look around the whole performance enhancing technology breakthrough

It is understood from the principle point of view, can be divided into mechanical pressure type thermostat, Bimetal, Capillary three categories. Of these, the pressure-type is mainly used for refrigeration appliances, such as
, Freezer,
Air conditioning
Etc.; double metal piece can be broken down as abrupt style and button-type two, mainly for electric kettle, coffee maker, iron, etc.
Small appliances
As well as motors, compressors, etc.
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Products; and capillary type thermostat body can be divided into up-type and liquid-up-style categories, usually supporting the frying pan oven,
Microwave ovens
, Dishwasher,
Water Heater
Etc. Some of the larger volume of heating using household appliances.

“Each type of mechanical thermostat product has several decades of production, application history technology has been matured, the development of space for small businesses launch new products did not change much. At present, the temperature device manufacturers are by customer requests according to the thermostat temperature range, installation size, amount of current to make minor adjustments such as index, nothing high-tech elements. “1 in the temperature control industry for many years technical staff told reporters.

Even so, many of thermostat manufacturers to enhance engine performance or around the start of the R & D has made various attempts. Improve the temperature control thermostat manufacturers precision is an important part of the study, it was understood that precise temperature control thermostat whole product will often play an important role in the completion of performance indicators, such as refrigerators, help improve the accuracy of temperature control storage room rational division, can achieve better results in food preservation. In response, Foshan, a company engineer wheat harvest thermostat told reporters: “Our company is the largest supplier of pressure type thermostat, the pressure with 22 million of annual production capacity of the thermostat. At present, the company used class household appliances refrigeration thermostat has temperature control precision within 1.5 . “while the production of liquid up the thermostat EGO known for precision temperature control also improve the product. “Frying pan, oven temperature control of such appliances on the accuracy requirement is not too high, the current industry-accepted standard for the 5 , while the EGO product hydraulic thermostat temperature control precision can reach 3 . “Shanghai sales director of a thermostat Shao Tianyu disclosed to the media. He further said: “Through the technical level adjustment, EGO thermostats New applications can adapt to harsh environments, and improve the safety thermostat application of new technology, ‘double insurance’ is one of.” SABUNG AYAM