Afternoon Tea: Aokang Small Scale Chopper In The Association Of Southeast Asian Nations,

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Regional News Wenzhou shoe will open their first “ticket” to resist illegal competition

Lucheng certain industrial areas Shoe tree Companies “use of improper means of competition”, yesterday received Wenzhou Shoe Industry Association, points may prescribe the debut women’s shoes, “tickets”: 115 member companies of the Association to suspend any business dealings with. [ Full text ] Industry observers

Health as the most popular in business marketing ideas children’s shoes

“To create the first health sector Children’s shoes Brand, “” do child health care experts “to create” health, sports, fashion “brand children’s shoes,” so the Chinese children’s health expert “… … the moment, whether it is children’s shoes order business in 2010 with the theme, or brand enterprises core positioning, are everywhere, “Health” slogan. [ Full text ]

Dynamic Brand Puma “Brokeback” Difficult foreign sports shoes in China While the Disclosure

take time, but the disclosure of the three quarterly terms, the days of big well-known sports brand is not better. Continue NIKE Adidas sales decline, the world’s third sportswear brand Puma ( PU MA) is also due to reduced sales plan to close one third of the global store, which is well-known sports brands in recent years, the largest? Plays off store move. [ Full text ]

Market ASEAN market is the shoe Opportunity or tasteless?

By the “Vietnam, India and other places Shoe Lower operating costs than China, “the lure of the news of China’s largest private shoe companies Aokang Group, wanted to be part of the production lines to overseas, but the study found that after lap: Vietnamese shoes by Financial Tsunami hit even more Chinese shoes?? Now the plan has been shelved. Prior to that, once Aokang small scale chopper in India, opened a sales office investment market look. But less than a year, they withdraw troops Ming Jin was. Proved to be spent in these areas the cost is more higher than in China, the same level of hiring a salesman, the pay difference between 3,000 yuan, so the gap is for the shoe is overwhelmed Finally forced to close. In fact, many have been to Vietnam, India, the shoe factories have hit a brick, not only as the Chinese shoes anti-dumping did not escape the EU’s “big stick”, and because these regions lag behind the industrial supporting capacity, production efficiency low level of less skilled workers, coupled with the local culture are not familiar with such problems in the operation and management of shoe may encounter great difficulties. Restrictions for various reasons, making shoe production line has never been able to expand, has been in a loss of status, have enabled the factory suspension. [ Full text ]

Import and export information Taizhou region Qi shoes export value up

According to statistics, Taizhou in the year 2009, exports of textile fabrics as the main raw materials of shoes total of 1196 batch of 12,094,300 pairs, the value of 28,457,900 U.S. dollars, up 30.57 percent year on year, respectively, 11.43% and 29.04%, the major trading countries and areas for the EU, the United States, South Africa and the Middle East. [ Full text ] SABUNG AYAM