Afternoon Tea: Suining, Sichuan And Chongqing Tongnan At The Junction Of The Earthquake

The junction of Sichuan, Chongqing 5.0 earthquake insurance in how to survive?

Comment Chongqing, Sichuan earthquake Haiti earthquake shadow is not over yet, Chongqing, Sichuan earthquake suddenly struck. January 31 5 am 36 points in a time when people are still asleep, Chongqing, Sichuan 5.0 earthquake occurred, causing a dead 4 injured 11 people sustained minor injuries. Sichuan Earthquake Bureau, Suining City in Sichuan Province earthquake, Chongqing Tongnan junctions, focal depth 10 km, epicenter located in District of Suining City, homes near the mill town. Until at 16 o’clock on the on the 31st, have resulted in Suining, Sichuan, Chongqing, an earthquake killed 15 injured, 216 houses collapsed, 9,823 houses damaged. In addition, Chongqing, Sichuan earthquake also caused six reservoirs and two bridges are damaged.

First document to promote urbanization to improve the level of agricultural equipment

Comment Central One file generation of migrant workers

1 31, Xinhua published the document for the first time at the central generation raised the issue of migrant workers. Central file transfer at 80 after the central government, 90 new generation of migrant workers after the concerns of central government will take measures to address this issue a number of the new generation of migrant workers. One paper launched a series of central high gold content new policy of benefiting the agriculture, a strong factor to promote resource allocation to rural areas is the biggest bright spot. Young Migrant Workers in China’s future development will be a strong driving force to solve their problems in order to ensure long-term stability.

Domestic market 1 Chinese manufacturing PMI was 55.8% made a good start this year’s economic

Comment January 2010, China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing (CFLP) China Manufacturing Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) was 55.8%, 0.8 percentage points lower than the month. From 11 sub-index of view, compared with ibid month, showing the “five down 6 liters.” Production index, new orders index, the backlog of orders, purchases index fell employees, including the backlog of orders fell more markedly, down 2.5 percentage points; new export orders index, finished goods inventory index, imports index, the purchase price index, raw materials inventory index, index of supplier delivery time has increased, which increases the purchase price index higher, up 1.8 percentage points.

Shandong province of Hunan Chamber of Commerce was established to promote integration of economic exchange Xiang Lu

Comment January 31, Hunan, Shandong Province, Jinan City Chamber of Commerce was established in. Hunan provincial government attaches great importance to the development of remote associations, both to encourage large enterprises Gordon “going out”, also supports remote clients, “entered.” Chamber of Commerce set up in Hunan, Shandong Province, for the majority of the exchange provided in the Lu Xiang Cooperation And common development platform, is to expand cooperation and exchange between the two provinces Xiang Lu important bridge.

Enterprise Connection “Doosan, a pro-global family” rescue operation in Haiti

Strong earthquake occurred in Haiti, to bring a devastating blow to Haiti. After the disaster South Korea’s Doosan Expressed deep concern and sympathy for the company. At present, Doosan Group has established a special disaster area to work for the Special Operations Group, Doosan has been some small-scale equipment and portable power equipment sent to the Haitian disaster, and another 13 groups to donate equipment, including medium and large Excavator And slip Loader , The total value of these devices is about 50 million will be donated to disaster relief supplies in Haiti.

Yuchai: integration of ASEAN to the world market to seize new opportunities

As the most important overseas market, Yuchai involved in a long-standing ASEAN market. 1964 Engine Export to Vietnam, Singapore began gradually Yuchai Sell Web thrown into the ASEAN countries. In 2000, Yuchai has in Vietnam, Indonesia to set up offices, respectively, of radiation around the two key countries and regions, actively seek the strength of dealers or Proxy Business, gradually expanded the product in ASEAN’s share of Yuchai. China – ASEAN Free Trade Area of the schedule be established, for the Yuchai continue to expand the Southeast Asian market, and use it as a springboard to the wider world has brought new opportunities.

Special attention Cheng West High Speed Rail activate the formation of the middle Yellow River economic zone new industrial zone

Comment Zheng Western high-speed railway in January 6, 2010 the official opening of operations. This speed of 350 km rail link between Zhengzhou and Xi’an, Henan, Shaanxi, to show more enthusiasm for cooperation. Whether tourism planning, or industrial distribution, or even investment, along the city are all enthusiastic participation, which allow the “Yellow River Economic Zone,” Lunkuochuxian. Cheng West High Speed Rail is only a beginning, the opening of more iron, marks the beginning of high-speed rail era.

“Wuhan-Guangzhou high-speed railway,” etc. Ten companies were awarded 09 year news

Comment held the 14th consecutive’s “Top Ten News of Chinese Enterprises” top 30, announced here again. By the economists, the media authorities, government and corporate representatives to the jury through two rounds of large-scale primary and secret ballot, 2009 “Top Ten News of Chinese enterprises” and “Top Ten News of Chinese enterprises,” comments out. New Year’s Eve 2009 and 2010, the most bare hands between the Wuhan-Guangzhou high-hot iron hit a top speed of high-speed railway in the world and thus was named one of Top Ten News of Chinese enterprises.